Loses control and crashes into a Red Cross ambulance in Cancun

As always, negligence and lack of caution caused a young driver in the city of Cancun to hit an ambulance from the Red Cross delegation Benito Juárez, leaving material damage, in addition, it resulted in minor injuries, nothing serious; both units were taken to the corralón.

The first reports indicate that the report of the events occurred after approximately 9:00 a.m., when the emergency number 9-1-1 requested the support of the Transit Direction on Avenida 20 de Noviembre, Supermanzana 221, since a driver had hit an ambulance in the back of the vehicle.

And while the agents arrived, the paramedics of the ambulance with economic number 303 helped the young man of just 17 years of age, since he received blows due to the impact of the cars; He said his name was Mauricio “N”, 17 years old, he was driving a black Volkswagen Jetta vehicle with license plate URF799E.

Apparently it wasn’t the paramedic’s fault.

Loses control and crashes into a Red Cross ambulance in Cancun

It was learned that the emergency unit was driven by 49-year-old Maria Isabel, who is the Local Relief Coordinator of the Cancun Delegation, and it was the fault of the other driver, since he did not respect his distance, in addition to the fact that he was going at high speed, it was due to This means that when Isabel stopped, Mauricio hit the rear of the unit.

Staff from the Heroic Fire Department to remove the debris and avoid a major accident in the area, meanwhile a crane arrived and took the cars to the corralón for the demarcation of responsibilities and corresponding procedures, meanwhile the alleged culprit will have to pay a fine, in addition to the damages.

Faced with this situation, the Municipal Traffic Directorate urges motorists to pay attention to the signs, such as the maximum limit, as well as the basic rules for driving, such as respecting the distance between car and car, which is one of the main reasons for road accidents in Cancun, in addition to speeding.

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