Losing weight: reasons why chromium plays a key role in weight loss

exist nutrients that are simply essential For the proper functioning of the body, within them the minerals play a very important role. Although they are often associated with various health benefits, specifically some have a significant influence on the weight loss process. It has recently been discovered that chromium can be a great ally in weight lossIn fact, its deficiency has been proven to affect the body’s ability to lose weight. Chromium is important in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates. It stimulates the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol, which are also important for brain function and other bodily processes. As if that were not enough, it is related to great qualities to control appetite and cravings, and is of great help to enhance the burning of body fat and sports performance.

Chromium also helps in insulin action and glucose breakdown. In fact, it has been proven that insulin resistance is one of the most common problems in weight loss, it is also usually related to an increased risk of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. All the points mentioned are usually associated with a chromium deficiency. in the diet.

In recent months it has become very fashionable to consume it also in supplement form and it is known as a product called: chromium picolinate. They are products that are characterized by improving the metabolism of nutrients and thus are associated with benefits to benefit weight loss. However, since it is needed in very accessible quantities, it is very feasible to meet the requirements through a balanced diet.

The truth is that there are some scientific references and studies in which it has been shown that increasing its consumption in addition to a proper diet and the intake of supplements, benefits weight loss. According to information revealed by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, adequate chromium intake for a healthy adult ranges from 25 and 35 micrograms per day, applies to women and men respectively. Some of the best sources of chromium are everyday consumer products, which are nutrient dense and easy to integrate into the diet.

Chromium-rich foods of animal origin:

– Meats: chicken, beef, pork and organ meats (liver).

– Seafood, especially oysters and mussels.

– Eggs, milk and dairy products (especially butter).

Chromium-rich foods of animal origin:

Brazil nuts.

– Vegetable oils, such as olive, soy, sunflower and avocado.

– Potatoes, sweet potato, corn and barley.

– Dates

– Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, and other vegetables and greens.

The food (rather a dietary supplement) that contributes the greatest amount of chromium to the diet is brewer’s yeastHowever, many people choose not to consume it due to its side effects such as bloating, bloating and flatulence. Wheat germ, molasses, and black pepper are also considered good sources of chromium.

Chromium benefits in weight loss:

– Chromium is part of a molecule called cromodulin, which helps the hormone insulin to carry out its actions in the body. Insulin, a molecule released by the pancreas, is important in the processing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins of the body. That is why an adequate intake of chromium through a healthy diet can make weight loss more agile.

– It’s a magnificent regulator of high glucose levels in the body, which helps people with diabetes maintain their levels more stable. It is well known that proper sugar management is a key point in weight loss.

Reduces high levels of cholesterol in the blood, its benefits have been shown to inhibit the action of the enzyme that regulates the rate of cholesterol synthesis. Although its main benefit is focused on cardiovascular health, since it prevents clots from forming and prevents the deposit of plaque on the walls of the arteries, or the appearance of atherosclerosis. Both high cholesterol and triglycerides are conditions that are directly related to weight gain or with trouble losing it.

– Increases muscle mass. One of the main characteristics of foods rich in chromium of animal origin is that they are rich in protein and it is well known that they are an essential macronutrient in weight loss. Betting on proteins of high biological value, adds satiety to the diet, accelerates weight loss and above all increases muscle mass. It has also been proven that an adequate consumption of chromium, reduces fat volume and can improve athletic performance.

– It has the power to reduce hunger and cravings. In fact, there is an 8-week study, in which it was found that the consumption of 1000 μg / day of chromium (through supplements and diet) was related to a reduction in food intake, hunger and cravings in healthy overweight women. The researchers reported that the effects of chromium on the brain may have produced these effects.

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