Lottery player from Idaho went to collect a $1,000 prize, but the lottery offices told him that he had actually won $100,000

An Idaho lottery player went to collect a prize that he thought was only $1,000, but was totally taken aback when the workers who were going to give him the money began to get overly excited.. And it is that the player had won a bigger prize… much bigger.

Idaho lottery staff said the cattle didn’t understand why they were so excited to give away a prize of just $1,000. So they explained to him that the ticket for the game ‘Queen of Hearts Scratch’ actually said that a prize of $100,000 had been won.

“Once we let him know that he won a six-figure amount on this ticket, he called his partner to share the news only for his partner not to believe him,” authorities said, according to The News & Observer.

Lottery officials said they printed out a giant check so the winner could use it to take a selfie and send the image to their partner as proof.

The winner did not reveal what he plans to spend his $100,000 prize on..

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