Louisiana mother slits her 4-year-old and 2-year-old sons’ throats, FaceTimes father to show him ghastly scene

Janee Pedesclaux is accused of attacking her two sons Sunday at a New Orleans home.

Photo: Louisiana Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy

A mother in Louisiana cut the throats of her two children, ages 4 and 2, and called her ex-partner and father of the children on FaceTime to show him the result of the macabre action.

Police documents reveal the details of the attack perpetrated by Janee Pedesclaux on her two children Sunday at a New Orleans home.

The report of the television station WWL-TV that cites the police complaint indicates that the oldest of the victims died in the hospital and the 2-year-old remains in critical condition.

The crime began when Pedesclaux called the father of her children, Jermaine Roberts, and told him that he had damaged his car. According to New Orleans police information, Pedesclaux told Roberts that he did not want to go to jail and that he would kill his two children before taking his own life. In a first call on the social network, the youngest of the children -Jay’Ceon- had a red neck. In a second call, the other victim, Paris, was seen bleeding from her neck.

The third time the suspect called the father, she looked both little ones bleeding from the neck while the girl was apparently gasping for air.

The father called 911 and drove to the residence. in the 3100 block of Law Street. Upon arrival at the scene, Pedesclaux allegedly barred Roberts from the home.

The mother allegedly had a knife in her hand.

Finally, Roberts broke a window to get into the house. and found the infant face down on a bed; he was bloodied. The girl was also lying on the bed foaming at her mouth.

Pedesclaux allegedly bit Roberts when Roberts tried to grab the gun from him and ran to the kitchen to get another knife. It was at that moment, that the man grabbed his dying children and tried to leave the house.

The report indicates that while Roberts tried to flee, saw Pedesclaux put a knife to his neck. Apparently, he wasn’t hurt at the time.

The victims were taken to University Medical Center, where underwent emergency surgeries. Despite multiple attempts to revive her, Paris was pronounced dead.

New Orleans police said Pedesclaux suffered superficial injuries to the collarbone area after her children were taken to the hospital.

Authorities said the woman shared a video on social networks in which he threatened to take his own life.

“I can not anymore. My children are dead. I can not anymore. It’s all Jermaine’s fault. It’s always Jermaine’s fault, ”she would have expressed in the video.

“I can not anymore. I’m going to kill myself. I can’t take it anymore,” the defendant insisted.