“Love as art”, moving message from Belinda’s mother when announcing commitment to Christian Nodal

Now what Christian Nodal he threw himself with everything against Belinda and her parents, by revealing some conversations where the interpreter of Love at First Sight asks for money, for her and her parents and that the mother of Belinda called him Naco, some Internet users have remembered when she loved him.

It was through Instagram that the mother of BelindaMrs. Belinda Schull, wrote a moving message dedicated to her daughter, supporting the decision of her next marriage commitment.

“In the beginning was love. But not just any love, but love as art, the only one that is capable of building the basic pillar of society, the family. The love that says to the loved one, I need you because I love you, with the maturity of someone who knows that the family is not cultivated with the flower of selfishness but with the garden of generosity. daughter of my soul Belinda, you are part of a family that adores you and that will be with you unconditionally wherever you go, opening the doors of our love and respect to whoever you give the keys to your heart. We are all proud of you and we love you more every day”, wrote Belinda Schull.

Although the message does not mention Christian Nodal directly, Belinda She was moved by the message that her mother had written to her on social networks, to which Scholl responded with: “I miss you! I want to see them!”.

The message of Belinda Scholl, arrived hours after Mrs. Christy Nodalwill celebrate, also on social networks, the engagement of his son with the singer and actress.

“My family grows! Live this very special moment of your commitment to the fullest, receive a big hug from all of us who love you so much and may God continue to bless your relationship as it has up to now,” he commented. Christy Nodal along with a photo of the singers.

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But fate had something different prepared for the artists, and months after their engagement announcement, the final breakup was announced, now “they throw themselves even with the frying pan” and both Beli’s family and Nodal have revealed some details of the reason for their breakup.