Love empowers Fanny Lu; she opens her heart and dedicates a nice tribute to her youngest daughter, Valentina

“Blessed is the day you chose me”, says a phrase so full of everything, in the new song by Colombian singer and songwriter Fanny Lu. Is about “Love of my life”a very special musical theme dedicated to his daughter Valentina. In a very pleasant chat with Debate, the interpreter shares with us that this is the reflection of the beautiful relationship between mother and daughter.

“The song is the reflection of what we say to each other, I am a girl, with her I become a girl, with her I learn every day, I thought I came to teach her, but on the contrary, every day is a lesson for me as a mother, which keeps me growing”.

For Valentina, her youngest daughter, the song “Love of my life” It’s the most beautiful gift she’s ever been given, “she tells me thank you for letting her be a part of my life, of my career, for giving her so much love, for being her mom.”

Fanny Lu He has expressed to his daughter that one comes to this life with a mission, that one has chosen his parents, the home where he is born, that one comes with the clarity of what he has to learn and the processes he has to live, “I always tell her that I am very grateful because she has chosen me, because she is a very special human being, I had to have done something very beautiful, very special in life to deserve that she has been my daughter and that Teo has also been my son.”

The 49-year-old singer from Cali, Colombia, last year he had a dream with his father Julio Martínez, where he asked him to write songs for love.

I believe a lot in dreams, my father left many years ago, he never saw me sing, and the message he gave me was: ‘please, write to love for me, even if it’s a song’, that dream transformed me from one awesome way.

Given this, he went into the recording studio with the need to make love songs.

“The first thing I said to my eldest son Teo, who is an artist, a composer, with whom I want to make our song together, ‘do you authorize me to make a song for your little sister, because we are going to make ours together, I need to translate in a song all the beauty that we share, and although you are also the love of life, ours comes later together'”.

Valentina, is the youngest daughter of Fanny Lu. Photo: Courtesy Gus Rincón Office

Through music you can express the most beautiful and deep feelings. It was so Fanny Lu opened her heart, like never before, in the recording studio, and began to create love songs for her loved ones..

Earlier this year, he launched “It was worth it”topic dedicated to her boyfriend and fiancé, the Peruvian businessman Mario Brescia.

“I have learned that love also empowers, that not only do you have to say: ‘I am stronger without you’, but you also have to say: ‘with you I am happier, with you I am stronger, if you really give me the love that I deserve, you respect me, you accompany me’, and to the children, what a beautiful love, than the love of a mother for a child, is like the love closest to the love of God”.

For Fanny Lu it has been a very special year, beautiful, constructive, a year of great sensitivity because she cries all the time singing these songs, “realizing that privilege I have, of being able to make music, that touches hearts, of being able to express the people I love through music, which is what I love to do the most”.

“God has given me so many gifts, one of them being a mother, my first big dream, I took advantage of the month of the mother to invite women to celebrate themselves, to say to themselves: ‘how proud I am to be a mother, What a privilege I have to be a mom.

The video for “Love of my life”recorded in Medellín, Colombia and directed by the Venezuelan Nael, shows intimate moments of Fanny’s life with her daughtersuch as the day of her baptism, unpublished clips of Valentina at school, including an end-of-year presentation in which the artist performed her hit “Tú no eres para mí”.

In addition, it shows how waking up at home is usually, in the midst of complicity, tickling that ends in a pillow fight, beauty and makeup days, and even the reality that Valentina is a teenager who goes out for a walk. with her boyfriend.

“Being a mother for me is the most beautiful role for a woman when she is born wanting it, it is respectable when a woman decides not to have children, but when you have the privilege of doing so, it is an honor to be able to produce these creatures that will be the future of the world and to be able to leave in them the legacy of oneself, your teachings, your principles, your values, your example”.

And this song is a reflection of my relationship with Vale, she is a beautiful doll and also of recognition to my mother, who has made me such a valuable mother that I feel I am, she taught me everything I know.

This year, Fanny Lucia Martinez Buenaventura, has been able to enjoy his music from another place, from the emotional weight, from opening his heart to people“with songs that are very mine, that I had never shared and from the frankness of these songs that are a reflection of my heart and my love, all of us mothers love our children deeply, it is a celebration of having these beautiful children I hope it impacts them in such a positive way as well.”

Fanny Lu dedicates musical tribute to her daughter Valentina

Fanny Lu will release a new EP and is part of the “2000s Pop Tour”

The talented Colombian artist works in a new EP that could include “Valió la pena” and “Amor de mi vida”“suddenly I include them, suddenly not, there are songs that I like a lot, you will like them a lot too”.

Said to come from the era of albumswhich show a stage, a moment of his life, a message, a sound, a proposal, a restlessness, “it’s like a chapter of a book, when you release many singles, that moment of your life spreads, that you don’t It is symbolized not only by a song, but by a stage”.

Along with working on new music to continue delighting his thousands of followers, is part of the “2000s Pop Tour”.

“I want you to join us, it is a time to celebrate that beautiful decade that saw so many artists born, to celebrate the successes of others and our own, singing together, celebrating a decade that allowed us to be very ourselves, to propose styles as different and that led us to people giving us a space in their lives, I am very excited, many very beautiful things are coming that I will share little by little”.

On the other hand, picking up the theme of his new song, one of the teachings that her mother Julia Buenaventura gave her, and which Fanny Lu has passed on to her daughter Valentinais the importance of building from love, “it does not matter if you are correcting your children, if it comes from the heart, everything is positive, everything is beautiful, everything is smooth, everything leaves good memories when the motivation is love, not rage, not resentment, but love, love makes you smile, everything with a smile is also different, it transforms your day”.

Fanny Lu shares with us, with many mixed feelings, that her mother has always been a very positive woman, who has always believed in them.“he said to me: ‘sing, sing, swear to me you’re going to sing!'”.

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Another of her teachings has been that it is important that children believe in themselves and support them in their dreams, accompany them on the path they choose, “she is always in a good mood, willing, unconditional, my children die for my mother, She is such a special woman, so happy, fun, she has taught me all that, to be unconditional, to always be there, the most important thing for me is my children and I saw that in my mother.

Valentina is very grateful to her mom for this precious gift. Photo: Courtesy Gus Rincón Office