Love inked forever: Maya Nazor’s zodiac-inspired tattoos for her and Luka

Maya Nazor's newest tattoos symbolize her unbreakable bond with son Luka, from zodiac constellations to the intriguing "555" ink.

Maya Nazor bragged to her millions of followers that she got new tattoos. However, these have many meanings, as her greatest love inspires them. The ex-girlfriend of Santa Fe Klan showed the designs she chose to remember this person and wear it on her skin forever, so she provoked hundreds of reactions from her fans, who wondered what is the meaning of each of the illustrations.

The 24-year-old influencer is widely followed on social networks, as she has 4.8 million fans on Instagram alone. On this platform, in addition to showing the most daring and risky looks to show off her figure, she shares her daily life, either in her moments alone or with her baby Luka, the son she had with Angel Quezada, the real name of the singer of “Así Soy.” For example, this Tuesday, the content creator uploaded a series of photos and videos showing that she had gone to a studio to get a significant tattoo.

These are the new tattoos of Maya Nazor

Maya is a young woman who likes getting tattoos but prefers discreet designs. That is to say, and they are small and not very flashy. For several months, the influencer had not done any illustration on her skin, so she recently took the courage to get a couple of permanent drawings, which are inspired by her greatest love: her son Luka, as she has shown that, like most mothers, she loves her little boy, who has also won the hearts of her fans.

In her stories on the Meta platform, Nazor made it known that she had the constellation of Gemini and Capricorn on her back, near the shoulder, representing her and her son, who is about to turn one year old. “It is the constellation of Gemini, which is Luka’s zodiac sign, and the constellation of Capricorn, my zodiac sign. And so together (…) I love it, what do you think? You can see that my style of tattoos is simpler, not so big things”.

Later, she showed that she had done another illustration on her thigh, in which she only wrote “555”, unleashing many doubts among her millions of followers. Maya Nazor had to answer some of the questions about the true meaning of these numbers. “Many are asking me this question of why I tattooed 555. My baby was born on the 5th at 5:55. Five has been my favorite number forever. Also, 555 means changes and new paths,” the influencer wrote in another Instagram story.

Maya Nazor gets tattoos inspired by Luka Photo: Screenshot.
Maya Nazor gets tattoos inspired by Luka Photo: Screenshot.

This is how Maya Nazor again proves that her son Luka is the most important thing to her. Since birth, she cared for and defended him, especially when she and her baby were attacked for allegedly asking for a millionaire pledge to Santa Fe Klan. The rapper, originally from Guanajuato, has been criticized, since many fans claim that while he is looking for a new girlfriend, the 24-year-old influencer is looking after the little one.