Love story! After arguing on the court for an expulsion, the referee and player fell in love

Photo: Tony Feder / Getty Images

Many times football surprises us with spectacular goals worth remembering, but other times it is some extra-sports situations that remain in our minds. The last of them that became news in networks was the announcement of the romance between a referee and a FC Emmen player.

And if well It is the first confirmed relationship in the world between a referee and a player, more impressive was its origin: after being sent off in a match.

On August 13, during a meeting between the FC Emmen and the FC Eindhoven of the second division of Dutch football, Jeff hardeveld he was sent off at minute 91 ′ by the principal and on his way to the locker room he argued heatedly with a fourth official called Shona shukula, without knowing that this would be the origin of a special relationship.

No matter how complicated the discussion at the time was, both Hardeveld and Shukula decided at that moment to keep in touch and that was enough for almost five months later and after the new year both will confirm their relationship to the world, in a fact that according to the stories of both on Instagram they have reviewed the main international news portals, regardless of the language.

In the middle of a trip to Rome, The referee published the news with the message “it’s official” to her more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, also mentioning Hardeveld.

For his part, Hardeveld responded in the same way by publishing another of the photos of the trip with the message “2022”, referring to the fact that with Shukrula by his side a new year would begin.

Regarding their sports careers, the 26-year-old Dutch footballer made the lower categories for his country and although the sporting level lowered, he currently serves as a left back in the FC Emmen, a second division team currently fighting for promotion to the Dutch Eredivisie.

On the other hand, Shukrula is 29 years old and graduated as a FIFA referee in 2017; Since then she has played between the first and second divisions of Dutch football, as well as having fulfilled commitments in the Women’s Champions League. Off the pitch he serves as a prosecutor in the Netherlands public prosecutor’s office.

The truth is that although they will go down a path where they could receive a lot of criticism for joining where there should be a barrier of impartiality, this will set a precedent for all those “forbidden” relationships in football to come to light.

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