Low ticket sales force Grupo Firme to cancel their concert in Morelia, Michoacán

Fans express disappointment and demand refunds as Grupo Firme unexpectedly cancels their Morelia show for lack of sales.

Bellakath, 24 years old, who did not sell – not even with promotion – not even 20 tickets for her concert in León, is not alone because Grupo Firme went through a similar situation. According to media reports, Grupo Firme is not as popular in Michoacán as it was thought to be, which is why they had to cancel the concert they had scheduled for June.

The reason is simple, ticket sales for Grupo Firme’s June 10 concert in Morelia, Michoacán, were low, meager.

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Grupo Firme (@grupofirme / Instagram)

Grupo Firme cancels concert in Michoacán due to low ticket sales

The event organizer confirmed to the portal MiMorelia.com that the Grupo Firme concert was canceled due to low ticket demand.

However, he did not want to reveal how many tickets were sold to enter the Morelos Stadium, a venue designed for 35,000 people.

So far, Eduin Caz, leader of Grupo Firme, has not commented on the matter and is expected to give his fans an explanation shortly.

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Eduin Caz, singer of Grupo Firme at the Zócalo concert (Edgar Negrete / Cuartoscuro).

Celebrate Grupo Firme’s failure in Michoacán

While the people who bought tickets for this concert are looking for ways to get their money back, some mock and celebrate the failure of Grupo Firme.

“People are tired of so much circus,” “Everything that goes up has to come down someday,” “Eduin is already bad. Very arrogant. His fame has grown, he even answers people badly”, “It’s not about getting there, it’s about staying there,” “In Los Angeles, it has not sold out either,” “Also in Veracruz, it was canceled, and tickets were very cheap,” “Since they announced their separation, the group has collapsed,” expressed in social networks.

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Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme (Edgar Negrete / Cuartoscuro).

Fans of Grupo Firme ask for reimbursement of their tickets.

While waiting for Grupo Firme to confirm the cancellation, some of their fans are stepping forward, and via Instagram, they are demanding their ticket refunds.

“I bought 4 tickets, and I’m from Uruapan. If the cancellation is true, let us know where and how the refund will be”, “Híjole I bought 4, where do we go for the refund?”, “What happened in Morelia?” insist their fans, but the group still does not explain.


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