Lower Saxony man arrested at Hamburg Airport after shooting and trying to take daughter to Turkey

Turkish man arrested at Hamburg Airport following a dramatic standoff, involving an attempted kidnapping amid a custody dispute.

A tense 18-hour hostage standoff at Hamburg Airport in Germany ended Sunday afternoon when police arrested a 35-year-old man without resistance. The suspect had taken his 4-year-old daughter, fleeing what authorities believe was an attempted child abduction amid a custody dispute.

The girl appeared physically unharmed after the harrowing ordeal, police said.

Suspect Forces Entry Onto Tarmac

The confrontation began Saturday evening around 8 p.m. local time when the suspect, identified only as a Turkish national originally from Lower Saxony, rammed his car through a security gate onto the tarmac at Hamburg Airport.

Brandishing a firearm, the man fired two warning shots into the air and hurled two burning bottles from his vehicle, according to authorities. The car came to rest dangerously close to a parked passenger jet, prompting a massive response from law enforcement and a complete evacuation of the airport terminals.

Police immediately suspected a custodial kidnapping, as the suspect’s wife had called authorities earlier that day to report he had forcibly taken their daughter from the mother’s home without permission.

Hamburg police confirmed the man's arrest. Photo: Twitter
Hamburg police confirmed the man’s arrest. Photo: Twitter

Overnight negotiations were conducted in Turkish between police and the suspect, who had refused to release his daughter or surrender. His motivation appeared to be taking her out of the country to Turkey against the mother’s wishes.

All Flights Suspended, Passengers Stranded

The tense standoff forced Hamburg Airport – Germany’s fifth-busiest – to suspend all incoming and outgoing flights for the duration of the encounter. More than 300 flights were canceled, impacting approximately 35,000 passengers.

Travelers were stranded overnight, with many put up in nearby hotels until operations could resume. Other inbound flights were diverted to alternate airports across Germany.

As the situation unfolded, police urged the public to avoid the airport area. The train station leading to the terminals was temporarily closed. Roadways surrounding the airport were blocked off.

Previous Security Lapse Raised Concerns

Coming just four months after climate activists had breached Hamburg Airport security to stage a runway protest, the weekend’s dramatic incident raised serious concerns about the facility’s safety procedures.

Back in July, several activists had cut through the perimeter fence and glued themselves to the tarmac, managing to shut down air traffic for hours before being removed by authorities.


The ease with which both the protesters and kidnapping suspect were able to force entry onto active tarmacs has prompted calls for an investigation into lapses in security infrastructure at Hamburg Airport.

Standoff Ends Peacefully After 18 Hours

After nearly 18 hours, the harrowing standoff finally came to a peaceful conclusion Sunday afternoon.

Tactical police units approached the suspect’s vehicle and apprehended him without resistance. His young daughter appeared physically unharmed by the ordeal, authorities said.

With the situation resolved, the airport immediately began preparations to restart flight operations and reopen passenger terminals. However, lingering delays and cancellations are expected as schedules resume normalcy.

The suspect, whose identity remains undisclosed, will face potential charges of kidnapping, reckless endangerment, and firearms violations. Prosecutors may also pursue legal actions for the child and her mother.

Police commended the efforts of the crisis negotiation team in achieving an outcome that avoided further violence. The mother and daughter have been offered counseling services to cope with the trauma of the abduction and tense airport standoff.

Long-Term Impacts on Hamburg Airport

In the coming weeks, a full investigation into the security breaches that allowed the suspect unauthorized access to the tarmac will be undertaken. Recommendations to bolster safety measures and prevent future incursions are expected.

The reputation and passenger trust in Hamburg Airport may suffer long-term impacts from the summer’s back-to-back incidents that raised alarming questions about its security capabilities. Traveler confidence in the facility’s ability to guarantee their safety will need to be restored.

The economic impacts from the complete shutdown of operations for over 18 hours will also ripple through the airport and surrounding businesses. Lost revenue from canceled flights, stranded travelers unable to spend money, and disrupted delivery of cargo and mail will be felt for some time.

For Hamburg Airport, the peaceful ending to the harrowing hostage incident on its tarmac was welcomed. But serious security and public relations challenges still lie ahead as it seeks to learn from the experience, restore traveler faith, and fulfill its role as a critical transportation hub for northern Germany.