Lozano poised to leave Napoli for LAFC amidst board conflicts

Chucky Lozano reportedly close to joining MLS with LAFC after failing to reach an agreement with Napoli

It seems that Chucky Lozano’s career in the old continent is about to end, or at least to take a pause, as several media claim that Lozano is very close to signing with LAFC of the MLS for next season.

It is said that the Mexican striker has advanced talks with the club from the city of Los Angeles. This club would have stood out as the best offer for Lozano, with a multimillion-dollar contract that would tie him to the American club for 4 seasons.

The family issue would have been a determining factor in Lozano’s decision to opt for the Los Angeles club because, besides being one of the most important clubs in MLS, it is located in a very attractive city and very close to Chucky Lozano‘s homeland, so, thinking about the comfort of his family, he would accept to come to LAFC.

LAFC prepares for the arrival of Chucky Lozano

LAFC prepares the arrival of Chucky Lozano
LAFC prepares for the arrival of Chucky Lozano

It has recently been confirmed that LAFC has acquired one more spot for a foreigner, buying it from Columbus Crew, so the team seems ready to receive the Mexican striker.

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Chucky Lozano has offers in the Premier League

Chucky Lozano has offers in the Premier League
Chucky Lozano has offers in

Although Lozano has offers in both Arabian soccer and the Premier League, with modest teams such as Leeds, Everton, and Stoke City, as well as the possibility of continuing with Napoli. However, with a significant salary reduction, Lozano has decided to continue his career in the MLS.

Chucky Lozano will have a bittersweet departure from Napoli because although he will leave the club as Serie A champion, it seems that he will leave through the back door due to conflicts and differences with the board of directors.