Brazilian Influencer Luana Andrade Dies at 29 After Undergoing Liposuction in São Paulo

Luana Andrade, Brazilian model and influencer with over 500,000 Instagram followers, died tragically during a routine liposuction in São Paulo.

Luana Andrade, a 29-year-old Brazilian model and social media influencer with over 500,000 Instagram followers, tragically passed away on November 7th, 2023, while undergoing a routine liposuction procedure at a private São Paulo hospital.

Andrade’s death has sent shockwaves through Brazil’s massive influencer community and sparked renewed debate over the risks and ethics of elective cosmetic surgery.

Luana Andrade was a rising star in Brazil’s social media world, working as an influencer, model, and TV host. The 29-year-old from São Paulo commanded an audience of over half a million dedicated followers on Instagram through her uplifting lifestyle content focused on fitness, nutrition, and modeling work.

Andrade was no stranger to going under the knife, having previously undergone multiple aesthetic procedures like a tummy tuck to achieve the slim, toned look she promoted on her social channels.

On November 7th, she entered a private São Paulo clinic run by São Luiz Hospital for what was supposed to be a routine liposuction to remove fat from her thighs and knees. It was during this procedure that tragedy struck.

Cause of Death: The Fatal Surgery

According to São Luiz Hospital, Andrade suffered a sudden cardiac arrest two and a half hours into her liposuction operation. Doctors hurriedly aborted the cosmetic procedure and rushed Andrade to intensive care. However, the influencer tragically passed away soon after.

The hospital stated that Andrade experienced a fatal pulmonary embolism during the botched liposuction. A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in one of the lung’s pulmonary arteries, usually caused by blood clots or fat globules in the case of liposuction complications.

Despite emergency care and hemodynamic treatment in the ICU, the hospital said Andrade’s condition continued deteriorating. She ultimately succumbed to the fatal embolism, dying on the operating table.

Outpouring of Grief in Brazil

Andrade’s massive social media following and status as a rising Brazilian influencer and model means her unexpected death has been met with immense grief across the country.

Her boyfriend, fellow influencer João Hadad, emotionally announced Andrade’s passing on his Instagram in a moving tribute, writing: “Today it is hard to understand God’s plans, and I don’t know when, or if ever, I will process your absence in my life, and in the lives of a legion of people who loved your presence.”

High-profile celebrities like Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar also penned tributes for the late influencer. Neymar called Andrade’s death “very sad news” in an Instagram post published shortly after.

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Beyond her famous fans, Andrade’s hundreds of thousands of followers posted commemoration and grief on her social media profiles. Comments poured in, paying respect to the departed star who had touched many.

Heightened Debate Over Cosmetic Surgery

Andrade’s passing has also reignited debate in Brazil about the ethics and risks surrounding the massive popularity of elective cosmetic surgery in the country.

Brazil is second only to the United States globally in annual plastic surgeries. Liposuction, like Andrade underwent, is widespread, accounting for 13% of all plastic surgeries in Brazil.

However, cosmetic surgery is not risk-free. Liposuction, in particular, carries grave risks like pulmonary embolisms, cardiac issues from anesthesia, and severe infections. These dangers are amplified in Brazilian clinics with more lax regulations than in many countries.

Andrade’s large following means her tragic story heightens awareness of these risks. Many hope tighter regulations on Brazil’s booming aesthetic surgery industry could prevent future deaths. But only time will tell if Brazil’s “beauty culture” changes after losing one of its brightest influencer stars.

Memorial Service and Further Investigations

In the immediate aftermath of her shocking passing, Andrade’s family and boyfriend held an emotional funeral service and mass in her home city of São Paulo. Crowds of fans and loved ones came out to pay final respects to the life and career of the ascending influencer.

Meanwhile, the clinic where Andrade’s procedure took place will likely face tough questions and potential investigation over the influencer’s death. Cosmetic surgery deaths, while rare, often spur legal action and intense scrutiny of the doctors and medical staff involved. However, the truth may remain elusive.

For Brazil’s influencer community, adjusting to life without Luana Andrade’s unique presence will be difficult. She pioneered as an influencer, model, and feminist figure in the country. The cultural impact of her passing cannot be understated.

While her legacy remains cemented through her social media content and modeling work, Luana Andrade’s passing has left a permanent void. As her boyfriend wrote, coming to terms with the tragedy will be a lifelong process for many across Brazil. But Andrade’s spirit will live on through those she inspired.