Lucero and her perfect bikinis for women over 50

bright Star is one of the most remembered and recognized Mexican artists of all time and her return to the stage with her ex-husband Mijares has put her back in the eye of the show.

And it is that the famous one who has many decades of experience has shown once again why she is still The Bride of America.

As we told you in AmericanPost.Newsat 50 years old, Lucero continues to give a show with her children and her ex-husband, but she also continues to demonstrate her sense of fashion, so today we present Lucero’s summer looks.

Lucero’s bikinis

Lucero shows off her beauty in this turquoise blue bikini

One of the favorite prints of the famous when it comes to enjoying their vacations is the animal print, the same with which they seek to steal all eyes and show off their bodies, which is why Lucero has also opted for this design.

But it is not the only one that La Novia de América has used, since it has also surprised with a two-piece swimsuit in which the normal straps of the top stand out and a couple of details that go down from the neck to the mid-chest to show off a most sophisticated neckline.

However, one of the photographs that I like the most on Instagram is one where the famous woman wears a strapless top and low-rise panties in turquoise blue; while on top of her she wears a mini dress with transparencies that helps to cover her figure, but also highlights her swimsuit and her figure.

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Lucero’s instagram

As we have already told you, the celebrity continues to impress her fans with her talent and beauty, which is why she has almost 4 million followers on her Instagram account who are always on the lookout for her posts.

From there America’s Bride shares different aspects of her life, both private and work, and stands out for showing off her outfits and her children Lucerito Y Jose Manuel.

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