Lucero and Mijares announce that they will celebrate the New Year together

Mexican singers bright Star and Manuel Mijares They are two of the most important personalities in the Hispanic entertainment world, so much so that despite having separated more than 10 years ago, the singers continue to leave much to talk about. On this occasion they announced that they will spend New Year’s night together, a situation that once again moved more than one fan.

It is true that, on several occasions, the couple has been together and that they have a cordial relationship, this largely for the good of their two children, Lucerito and José Manuel. But Since the pandemic, the couple has been much more connected, so much so that they were already together in a couple of virtual concerts and on a television show.

During “El Retador”, the television program they shared with Itatí Cantoral and Consuelo Duval, some details were revealed, such as when the singer was seen leaving very early, among other details. What no one expected was that they would spend the last day of the year together.

Through their social networks, Manuel Mijares detailed that special appointment that he will have with his ex-wife, the same with which they will close the year and with this about 365 days where they lived unique moments in the lives of both.

“We invite you to experience the most spectacular end of the year party in Acapulco, enjoying the best concert of 2021, together with Lucero and all our successes, we are waiting for you!”, Manuel wrote on his social networks where you can see the image of the two together and in the background one of the most emblematic hotels in the city.

The concert will be held at an exclusive hotel in Acapulco on December 31, as it will be part of the celebrations to celebrate the arrival of 2022. But for those who cannot attend this event, they do not have to worry. that the couple will meet again on February 13, this according to information presented by Lucero.

Friendship comes before everything

Despite the fact that they have been separated since March 2011, in terms of upbringing, Lucero and Manuel Mijares are the greatest accomplices there can be. So much so that the singer ensures that both are connected.

According to the “Lazos de amor” star, who made a video call with her ex-husband to post it on her YouTube account, regardless of whether the love between the two is over, there is still a great love, friendship and love between the two of them. I respect.

The communication between the two, indicated “The Bride of America” ​​is constant to the point that the children of the two, Lucerito and José Manuel, know that the communication between their parents is such that if one has denied permission, the other has denied it. will know.

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