Lucero and Mijares humiliated by their daughter in full Acapulco concert

After the successful streaming transmission “Siempre Amigos”, which drove the fans crazy, Lucero and Mijares decided to hold a presence concert at the Princess Mundo Imperial hotel in Acapulco.

And it is that despite being divorced for 10 years the couple, every time they show themselves, they see a great complicity, something that is always reflected and characterizes them.

In fact, it began to be rumored that possibly Mijares and Lucero would resume their romance, something that the same singer denied since she said she was very in love with her boyfriend.

Lucero and Mijares humiliated by their daughter

Lucerito surprised by joining his parents’ presentation. Lucerito dazzles with talent in concert.

Of course, Mijares and Lucero were more than proud, since although there were those who highlighted that Lucerito Mijares had humiliated them, they felt very happy.

This is because they were accompanied by their daughter “Lucerito” who surprised when she joined the presentation, becoming the surprise of the public for her great performance.

Recently AmericanPost.News, announced that Lucero and Mijares went to the beach with Lucerito to receive 2022.

Lucerito a musical promise

Lucerito dazzles with talent in concert.

Thanks to the talent that runs through his veins, Lucerito Mijares has become one of the musical promises, and by going out with his parents in concert he grabbed the headlines.

Lucerito, next to Lucero and Mijares, dazzled at the event with a spectacular dress that earned her countless ‘Like’ as well as thousands of comments from her fans where they pointed out that she looked beautiful.

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