Lucero Mijares would already have a boyfriend, a 19-year-old man named Emiliano

Mexico.- After venturing into the world of entertainment, Lucero Mijares has managed to steal all the attention of the public thanks to his great talent and musical excellence, which he inherited from his parents, and has recently raised rumors that he already has a boyfriend and is much older than her.

Lucero and Mijares’ daughter is giving what to talk aboutWell, a 19-year-old young Tiktokero seems to have stolen her heart, because on different occasions they have been seen together, having the best time and even dedicating romantic words to each other on social networks.

A recent photograph published by an account of his fan club would evidence his romance with Emilia gatica, a young influencer with whom he has been seen in different live broadcasts, but according to his followers, not in a romantic plan or anything like that, however, the suspicions are strong.

But not only that, also some messages that have been dedicated to each other; A few days ago, Emiliano confessed that Lucerito was one of his favorite people in the world and showed a video by his side, to which she replied with a long “I love you.”

Lucero Mijares would already have a boyfriend, a 19-year-old man named Emiliano

Who is Emiliano Gatica, the possible boyfriend of Lucerito Mijares?

Emiliano Gatica is a 19-year-old young man who has stood out on TikTok after going viral following the platform’s trends. He has almost 300 thousand followers and also has a great taste for music, which has possibly linked him to the young singer.

He recently released a cover of the song ‘It’ll be okay‘, by Canadian Shawn Mendes, and is the grandson of Chilean singer and songwriter Lucho Gatica, known as the King of the ticket, and nephew of actor Luis Gatica, so talent is in his blood.

Until now Lucerito mijares, her parents or her supposed boyfriend, they have not commented on the matter, but fans on both sides are very excited about their suspicions and are even looking forward to some future collaboration.

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