Lucia de la Cruz: I am not a ‘sugar mami’

Creole Lucia de la Cruz She stated that she has never been a ‘sugar mommy’ nor has she supported any of her ex-partners, despite the fact that they have always been younger than her. In addition, the national singer regrets that the new measures of the government advancing the curfew for 11 at night, directly affect the artists.

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“Women can do whatever they want with their money, but I don’t agree with the ‘sugar mami’ because you don’t have to pay for love. For example, I have never supported any of my ex-partners, despite the fact that they were younger than me “, said the Creole singer, Lucia de la Cruz.

Why is it wrong?

Love must always be disinterested, in any case, that it is only a vacilón. Nowadays I see that many older women go out with younger boys and it is normal, because love does not warn when it arrives, it simply appears and you have to enjoy it.

How have you taken the new government measures with the curfew at 11 at night?

Once again, we artists are being hit by the pandemic because they cut our work and there is no support. For my part, I have been lucky and my shows are maintained because the schedules are being advanced, but I know of other colleagues who have lost contracts. Therefore, you have to get vaccinated to avoid these outbreaks, let’s not be so irresponsible.


A few days ago, the Creole Lucía de la Cruz said that she is grateful to have health and work, this year being very hard for artists due to the pandemic and the slow reactivation of face-to-face shows. In addition, he says that he has learned not to waste money and now takes care of his coins.

“I am grateful to have health and work, and that my family is still together. This year that is ending I have been able to work in different ways, with virtual shows, sending greetings and I feel that the great lesson that he has left me is not to be so wasteful, now I take care of every coin that I can earn, I have become much more thoughtful, the pandemic has made me change, says the Creole singer.

In addition, he emphasizes that he used to live like crazy without thinking much about the future. “The pandemic has made one look at life differently, we all have friends and close people who have left us, it has been very hard in every way. Before I lived like crazy, without thinking much about the future, because I worked the weekend and covered my expenses, but from one moment to another I was left in the air and now I always keep a little bit of what I earn “, he pointed Lucia de la Cruz, who next year plans to record some albums and tour Mexico.

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