Lucía Méndez denies that she has been with 120 men in her life

Lucia Mendez made a great confession to all his followers, after making it known that in the field of love he has not had so many mens as you think, so in The Truth News We bring you the details of their statements.

After having earned an indisputable place in the world of soap operas, the 66-year-old artist made an impact by transcending that she had had 120 suitors in their life. As reported by the portal El Imparcial.

To begin, it is necessary to remember that in recent months, the Mexican actress has been talking about the relationship she had with Luis Miguel, although it was not the only love that her fans remember. In the Golden Microphone event, he ruled out that there were as many as claimed.

Lucía Méndez clarified the situation

“No, no, according to me not … that was said by Vicky López, no, of course! When I had my time, when I was young, well, I did have 120 suitors, why not? And not 120 … 240, 300 … why not? If he had millions of fans, or not? “, He said smiling.

Despite this statement, the interpreter of “Corazón de Piedra” assured that although she dated some men, not all of them came to have a sentimental relationship and therefore said figure is very far from reality.

“You don’t kiss everyone, nor do you all get to an intimate moment, no, what Vicky said is a joke, and somehow I’m joking with you, that is, because what she said is a joke. I was always very new, I had many suitors, I still have my chindera ”.

Lucía Méndez was with Luis Miguel

Lucia Mendez

And without forgetting Luis Miguel, Lucía finally appreciated that her story with the “Sol de México” was not portrayed in her biographical series. “Oh! How good! I’m very happy that I’ve never been in that series, because somehow you always come off offended” … ç

“So no, I think he respected my relationship with Pedro’s, somehow when he was with Pedro Torres he got along well, and we always respect each other,” confessed the beautiful actress.

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