Lucía Méndez did fight with Madonna and this TikTok is the proof

For several years, Lucia Mendez has been the target of memes and jokes about her alleged fight with Madonna, but now everything may change with a video that has surfaced on social networks.

It turns out that the Queen of Pop herself talks on camera about her discomfort during a performance, looking like a diva while being documented.

The video has gone viral on TikTok, as netizens claim it is proof of her fight with the Mexican actress, and in American Post News, we tell you all about it.

Lucía Méndez was telling the truth about a lawsuit with Madonna

Everything indicates that the famous Mexican actress was telling the truth about her fight with singer Madonna, and this TikTok video is proof.

The clip has hundreds of thousands of views, and in the comments, you can see how Internet users agree with Mendez since Madonna is the one who tells from her perspective what happened that night.

In the video, Madonna claims that people from the industry were in the front rows of her concert: “people from the industry” and that all of them were bored with her presentation. “You lied to me,” she tells her team, “you told me there wouldn’t be anyone from the middle in the front rows, and it was full of them. They sat there giving me their dirty looks and crossed arms.”

Video of Lucía Méndez and her fight with Madonna

Video of Lucía Méndez and her fight with Madonna

Méndez’s fight with Madonna began when the actress was a guest on Adela Micha’s show “La Saga,” where she talked about it.

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“I went with my ex-husband, the Cuban, to see her. We sat down, and suddenly everyone stopped because Madonna came out to sing”, she commented. Lucia said that she did not get up because “I had a sore knee from spinning, which I did not warm up well and then it was swollen. I did not want to go to the concert because I felt bad”, she declared.

Lucia Mendez’s slip to Madonna had repercussions on the famous singer since TikTok proves that she does not like people rejecting her and loves to be praised.