Lucía Méndez has a new boyfriend and is 15 years younger than her

The renowned actress and singer Lucia Mendez He is in one of the fullest stages of his life, because in addition to being about to launch several professional projects, She confessed that she gave love a new chance with a heartthrob, 15 years her junior! But how did you meet him and who is this mysterious boy? Read on to find out.

In an interview with various media, the Diva of Mexico spoke about the projects she is preparing for next 2022, her bioseries being one of the most important, although He said that no matter how sincere an artist is to tell his story, there is no shortage of criticism.

“My bioseries yes, now I already have the proposal, I already have it very formal… Oh, but I don’t know comadre!… Because they hate you, because you go wrong with half the world if you talk about the anecdote. I’m not Mother Teresa of Calcutta either, I never have been, but I don’t have such a stormy life either“Lucía Méndez shared to the cameras of various media.

Likewise, he stressed that the public can be expected to know several of the romances he had during his youth: “I am not a saint, nor am I a devil, I have had mistakes in my life, I have had things that I did well, things that I did wrong (…) I do want to tell the truth, I do want … my personality, what is it like? … it is clear“, said.

Once on the subject of her love life, Lucía Méndez was questioned about her current situation and whether her heart already has an owner. His answer not only left those present with their mouths open, but also Internet users, as he revealed that he did and It is about a man younger than her.

“Well, calm down, happy, I’m going out with someone, he waters the little plant … why not? I’m still of an age to deserve, right? If he’s younger than me, about 15 years younger than me“, He detailed, and although many reporters wanted to” get the soup “about who is the lucky man, he preferred to leave the identity of his beau hidden.

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