Lucía Méndez reveals the truth about how many surgeries she has had on her face

Mexico. Lucía Méndez is one of the figures of the Mexican show that began to attract attention with his beautiful face since the seventies, when he began to be noticed in the show business.

After getting starring roles in soap operas such as Vanessa and Viviana, Lucía Méndez stood out as an actor and in the eighties he lived his consecration as an actiz in other melodramas, among them Tú o Nadie and The Strange Return of Diana Salazar.

But as the years went by, Lucía drew attention for her physical appearance and particularly for her face, since she changed radically and has come under fire by the press and even several of his fans.

This is how the singer Lucía Méndez looked in the eighties. Internet photo

On Lucia’s face it has been said that she has undergone several surgeries and that is why she changed radically, but she in recent statements to the press in CDMX has denied that she has entered the operating room several times as much as they suggest.

“You can’t be surging all the time, because you would be totally noticed, and I think that in some way they see me, and they almost always see me as is, I’m not telling you that I don’t wear my Botox, I’m not telling you that I don’t have my treatments with appliances, but it is a lie that I have been operating every time or in the operating room. “

Lucía Méndez is 66 years old and is originally from León, Guanajuato, Mexico, in addition to being an actress, she has also triumphed as a singer and several of her musical hits are Atada a nada, Corazón de piedra, Castígame and Ya la pagaás.

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As an actress and singer, Lucía Méndez became known in the early 1970s and is still in force after almost five decades of career. In his youth The face of El Heraldo de México was named, and after that job opportunities came into his life to stand out on national television.

Instagram photo

According to information in her biography, Lucía Méndez had her first important character in the telenovela Paloma, along with Andrés García and Ofelia Medina (1975) and since then she has captured the public’s attention with her beauty and talent until she became the great figure that is currently.

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