Lucía Méndez surprised her followers after her great transformation to become a Drag Queen

The actress Lucía Méndez surprised her followers through her personal Instagram account after having shown herself with a new appearance, since it was about his change of ‘drag queen’ that he made after all the requests that his fans began to makean occasion he took advantage of to commemorate Gay Pride month.

He stated that this becomes something completely unforgettable in the entire history of his artistic career, and that without a doubt he has expressed his support for a large community that for years, and despite the great changes that have occurred in the generations, continue receiving rejection from others.

I am happy with life, today was an unforgettable day for meí, I was characterized by the entire team of makeup experts @seicenntoms for achieving a GREAT DRAGA”, he wrote.

In addition, he offered details of everything that was the process of his transformation in order to have achieved this great job. The singer also said that it lasted five hours where she had the help of great professionals to be able to honor part of her fans.

I tell you that I am surprised by the whole process and the time (5 hours) that a Drag Queen has to take to have the perfect wardrobe, @samuelgiron suitable accessories @ghelguera the makeup, eyelashes, crystals and to be able to characterize yourself as Draga, “he added in the publication.

Méndez said that some time ago she received the invitation from those who make up the LGBT+ community, because they wanted her to be the queen so that she could celebrate CDMX Pride with them. However, she explained that for various reasons she will not be able to be present.

“I made this request with great pleasure and enthusiasm for my entire LGBT+ Community since a few months ago, I was invited as queen and godmother of honor for the next PRIDE CDMX celebrations, unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to work issues, but this Saturday at 9am, I will offer a message for everyone, through my social networks.

As she made it known a few days ago, this Saturday the businesswoman also gave a message of respect and admiration for all those who are proudly celebrating the month of June. She, in turn, told them that it will always be necessary for them to continue fighting for their rights and never abandon them.

My loves, this is a message of great respect, admiration and affection for all my beloved LGBTIG+ community. Do not always forget to continue fighting for your rights, ideals and dreams. They have always had and will continue to have my unconditional support, I love them with all my heart”, was the message that accompanied the video he shared.

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