Lucía Méndez surprises Drag Queen with shocking transformation

Throughout the month of June, considered gay pride month, several celebrities have joined the cause and shown their support for the LGBTIQ+ community. Such was the case of the first actress Lucia Mendezwho ended up transforming into a Drag Queen and shared the result on social networks.

Through her Instagram account, the protagonist of stories such as “Opposite Worlds” and “Italian Girl Comes to Get Married” published a carousel of images where you can see the shocking change to which it underwent.

On the postcards, Lucía Méndez is seen carrying a voluminous red wig, a look framed by pronounced eyelashes and a striking glitter suit which she combined with ostentatious jewelry.

To accompany the photos, the star of the Mexican Golden Cinema wrote a message in which he regretted not being able to be present at the LGBTIQ+ march that will take place on June 25 in Mexico City. Nevertheless, He decided to contribute his grain of sand and support the cause by making this tribute to the Drag Queens.

“I am happy with life. Today was an unforgettable day for me, the entire team of makeup experts characterized me to achieve a GREAT DRAGA…”, said the famous. “I made this request with great pleasure and enthusiasm for my entire LGBTIQ+ Community”.

Likewise, Lucía Méndez recognized the hard work of those who undergo this long process of transformation. “I am surprised by the whole process and the time (5 hours) that a Drag Queen has to take to have the perfect wardrobe.appropriate accessories, makeup, eyelashes, crystals and being able to characterize yourself as Draga”, she added.

As expected, it wasn’t long before her followers took to the comments section to congratulate her for being an ally and an example to generations past. “Wow beautiful Lucía”, “Wonderful”, “You are a great lady, thanks for supporting” and “Great human being and artist”are some of the messages that are read on the internet.

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