Luciana Fuster would confirm romance with Patricio Parodi: “What you see, you don’t ask”

the ‘warrior’ Luciana Fuster was presented as the new model of ‘This is Habacilar’during the show’s premiere. The “influencer” was also excited to be part of this new format and dared to provide details of her relationship with Patricio Parodi.

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It was her own Johanna San Miguel who put the young model in trouble by asking her about her sentimental situation. “Are you or are you not with Patricio Parodi? They went to eat together yesterday. asked the driver, before the attentive gaze of the academics.

surprised, fuster pointed out that “here there is nothing to save me, there are no bells, nothing”. However, he added that “You put me in a bind. We have a good time to talk about it.”

At the insistence of the drivers, the model managed to answer that “What you see does not ask”, thus confirming his outing with the warrior.

Together with Korina Rivadeneira, Paloma Fiuza and Angie Arizaga, Luciana Fuster joins as one of the models of the new version of ‘Habacilar’.

The return of “Habacilar”

Amidst great expectations, this Monday, January 24, “Esto es Habacilar” returned to the small screen, a new version of the game show that Raúl Romero hosted between 2003 and 2011.

When was the return of the youth program confirmed?

Television producer Eduardo Peña, known as ‘La Margaracha’, visited the program “En boca de todos” last Thursday to announce that “Esto es Habacilar” would premiere on Monday, January 24 at 7 pm, after “La Guadalupe’s rose”.

“Almost everything is ready. This Monday at 7 pm after the Rosa de Guadalupe. We are preparing many surprises because Habacilar is really coming back”, commented ‘Margaracha’.

‘Margaracha’ also confirmed the participation of models Tracy Freundt and Thalía Estabridis in the program; however, he ruled out that they are in charge of driving. “They are going to be the models, everyone is speculating that they will be the drivers, but no. For drivers you have to wait a bit, “he explained without giving further details.

This was the first program of Habacilar with Roger del Águila and Johanna San Miguel (Photo: This is Habacilar)

Participants of This Is War in “This is Habacilar”

The producer of ‘Habacilar’, Mariana Ramírez del Villar, revealed that the program of contests and prizes will now feature some members of EGG: “There will be some warriors included in the format, included in other roles,” she stated in a press release.

Will Raúl Romero be in the new version of “Habacilar”?

Raúl Romero confirmed that he would not be part of the new version of “Habacilar”. As he explained, he wants to be focused on his music career.

“Not right now, it’s funny, I explained it on Instagram and I won’t go on TV. But there are people who believe that it is a marketing strategy and there are people who believe that if you don’t see it on TV, it’s not true. The publicity continues, yesterday it came out in the newspaper that I would be negotiating”, said the former driver in a recent interview on ‘Radio Huevadas’.


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