Lucila Mariscal confessed that she gave shows to drug traffickers

Lucila Mariscal was born in Mexico City on July 18, 1942 (Photo: Instagram/@lucilamariscaloficial)

Lucilla Marshal He joined the list of characters within the Mexican show that had a relationship with the world of drug trafficking and now makes it public. The actress confessed that at the time she gave shows to drug traffickers who “paid her very well” and helped her create a fortune that she does not have now.

Unlike other celebrities who have denied having known or worked for a mafia capo, Lucila Mariscal shared the occasions that she was hired to present her show to this type of character.

You go to work, you don’t go to make friends with people not much less. One goes to work, they ask for it and they pay what one says and well to all mother *. I wish they would come out of ‘those’ daily and many, right? because they have fun and they help one”, she mentioned to the program of TV Azteca Windowing.

Lucilla Marshal
Lucila Mariscal is recognized for her “Lencha” character (Photo: Instagram/@lucilamariscaloficial)

The Mexican comedian with more than 50 years of experience recalled that her work was paid with a large amount of money, since she charged what “she wanted” since they did not limit themselves when it came to giving her their payment; In addition to the fact that he attended XV-year parties or birthday parties of relatives of drug traffickers, he assured that they are like “us”:

They paid well, yes, I was ‘wow’ when they told me ‘that’s good’, because they always haggle. They paid me what I told them I charged. Once, a very famous man, they invited me to work at the age of 15 for the daughter of one of them and for his wife’s birthday; they have families like all of us”, He expressed in the Pati Chapoy program.

The actress of movies like The Adventures of Lencha (1994), Two crazy people in trouble (1991) or Beauty Among The Flowers (1990) recalled the extravagant houses he visited during his most prosperous years.

Lucilla Marshal
Lucila Mariscal is an actress, composer, singer and comedian (Photo: Instagram/@lucilamariscaloficial)

those were housesit was a house with marble pillars; an amazing and impressive thing, clear houses in the United States. You entered and everything was very expensive, but in bad taste ha, ha, ha, but all full of expensive things, “he said with a laugh.

The actress allowed herself to give much more information, as she showed that it is something from the past and she no longer has to deny it, so she revealed that she worked for three dangerous people in the eighties and recalled that time as a “great economic boom in her life.” ”:

I got to have a lot of money, blessed God. I already knew what it feels like to have money for everything, that you don’t lack absolutely anything and that others don’t either”, he mentioned.

Lucila Mariscal (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Lucila Mariscal was nominated for the 1983 TVyNovelas award in the “Best Comedy Actress” category for the program “La Carabina de Ambrosio” where she was the winner (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Lucila Mariscal confessed how much money she earned in her years of economic boom, since the actress of television programs such as The Rose of Guadalupe, A lucky family or What a Mother So Father he credited “how much he charged per gig with them” as one of his biggest financial successes:

From 80 thousand, 90 thousand, I managed to earn 100 thousand pesos with the gentlemen those who work in the white polo. I got to earn a lot of money, but it went away, millions and millions went away and all the money went away”, he commented.

The comedian assured that she regrets not saving money for her old age, because now she is going through difficult economic times: “One does not think that you are going to stop winning, in which you are going to grow old, that it is going to change your life and your work too. You don’t think about that. You don’t save for your future and for your old age. Nothing is eternal; everything has a beginning and an end”, he finished.


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