Lucila Mariscal confesses and says how much she earned in shows for drug traffickers

After several celebrities who had ties to drug traffickers recently came to light, Lucilla Marshal publicly confessed and even revealed how much did he earn in the shows he did for drug traffickers and assured ‘they paid very well’.

And it is that the famous Mexican actress and comedian joins the list of people in the entertainment world who had a relationship with organized crime and although at the time they made her have a huge fortune now he is bankrupt.

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It was through an interview for the TV Azteca program windowing that Lucilla Marshal confessed to having link with drug traffickers and did not deny that she worked for them on several occasions when she was hired to present her show.

So the 79-year-old actress mentioned that she only went to work and not to make friends, because she only did her show and they paid her very well, she even said that she wished that had been more often because in the end both parties came out winning , them having fun and she earning more.

“You go to work, you are not going to make friends with people, far from it. One goes to work, they ask for it and they pay what one says and well to all mother *. I wish they would come out of ‘those’ daily and many, right? because they have fun and they help one”Mariscal said in an interview.

Therefore, with a career of more than 50 years, the Mexican said that her work was very well paid because she could charge what ‘she wanted’, because on many occasions the businessmen tried to haggle, but with the bosses they it was different because they did not limit themselves in giving him the payment.

This is how in his best years, Lucilla Marshal confessed that he won ‘from 80 thousand, 90 thousand, 100 thousand pesos with the gentlemen’However, his economic boom did not last forever and today at 79 years of age he regrets not having saved ‘for old age’.

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