Lucila Mariscal is hospitalized in an emergency after suffering a terrible accident

Lucila Mariscal is a famous actress and comedian who has recently alarmed the entertainment industry since recently she was hospitalized in an emergency.

“Since Saturday is emergency hospitalized for a severe fall at home. Unfortunately I still cannot give you more details until today that the doctors at this hospital give me results ”.

That was what the representative of Lucila Mariscal reported, who was hospitalized in an emergency because she suffered a fall with serious consequences at her home, according to what is understood in her message.

Lucila Mariscal was hospitalized

Lucila Mariscal was hospitalized in an emergency

Mariscal was hospitalized since Saturday, December 24, this due to the fact that she suffered a serious fall at her home, according to what was reported by the representative,

It should be noted that so far no specific details of her current health have been given, the truth is that she has been hospitalized for three days, so now the followers of the famous actress and comedian have sent dozens of messages wishing her a speedy recovery.

“Thank you very much for your prayers for the health of my represented artist but above all my great friend, Mrs. Lucila Mariscal … Thank you very much for your understanding of not being able to answer so many messages and calls so quickly,” revealed his representative.

About the actress’s career

Besides being an actress, Lucila is also a composer, singer and comedian; It is known that she was born in Mexico City and was taken from a very young age to Culiacán, Sinaloa, however, six years later she would return to the great city where she was born.

The character of “Lencha” was the one who accompanied her for a large part of her career and the one who gave her important opportunities in the middle of the show; Furthermore, he also made history with her on television, theater and Mexican cinema with his phrases such as “papucho” and “muñoñongo”.

It should be noted that the actress studied Lucila Mariscal studied at the National Institute of Fine Arts and thanks to her talent she earned a place in the middle of the show, also with her character of “Lencha” she quickly positioned herself in the cinema with films such as ” Lencha the vigilante ”,“ Lencha the taxi driver ”and“ Lencha’s adventures ”.

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