Lucila Mariscal is recovering from her surgery and already wants to work as soon as possible

the mexican actress Lucilla Marshal underwent surgery to place a prosthesis on her hip after a fall. Luckily, she successfully recovered her health, however, it was not so for her economy, as she spent a large sum of money for her surgery.

The actress took advantage of the invitation she had on the morning show “Hoy” to show that she is very well and can walk without any problem. Likewise, she asked that they send her projects to work on both theater and television.

This was what he said about his condition and why he can start working again: “I can get along perfectly well and speak correctly well and everything is fine; all my senses completely fine.”

Lucila Mariscal already has a program in mind to work on

Lucila Mariscal had already spoken before that it was wrong. Lucila Mariscal confessed that her ex-husband robbed her.

Lucilla Marshal She also added that if there is a Televisa program in which she loves to collaborate and is more than willing to act again in it now that she returns to her normal work activities. This is “La Rosa de Guadalupe” after having abandoned Paty Chapoy and Tv Azteca.

“I would like, for example, to do “La Rosa de Guadalupe”; I love it, I love that show, I don’t miss it,” she said.

He also added that he had a very bad time while he could not walk and had lost the will to live, he even thought of committing suicide. She luckily regained her composure and decided to resume acting.

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Who is the husband of Lucila Mariscal?

Lucila Mariscal confessed that her ex-husband stole from her.

It seems that the economic problems of the famous Lucila Mariscal were not only caused by her hip replacement surgery. Well, from before, Julián Gallegos, her ex-husband, was also one of the causes of her bad financial situation.

She said that she subsisted on support for the elderly from the government, since her ex-husband stole a large part of her fortune that she had earned from acting, who also beat and mistreated her.

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