Lucila Mariscal will have to be operated on for an umbilical hernia that “could explode”

Lucila Mariscal.

Photo: File / Elizabeth Ruiz / Reform Agency

Lucila Mariscal he didn’t have a good time at Christmas. After a fall that she suffered last Saturday, several clinical problems were triggered for which she is treated in a hospital in Colonia Roma, in Mexico City.

Before they put a prosthesis on her hip due to the bone wear it presents, and which was exacerbated by the mishap, the actress will have to undergo surgery for a complicated umbilical hernia.

Lucila suffered a fall on Saturday morning and since then we have been in the hospital. The doctor on duty told us, first, that my hip was broken, and then the specialist, when he reviewed it, asked for other studies. Already When they evaluated her, they told us that she would need a prosthesis, but another problem arose … she has an umbilical hernia that it was not treated due to the pandemic, there was no way, and it increased and when they did the studies they said that first they had to operate on that and then put the prosthesis on, ”explained Elías Cañete, friend, manager and public relationsist of the popular comedian who is Made famous by her character “Lencha”.

Nervous, uneasy and worried was how the manager of the native of Mexico City manifested himself and who in July turns 80 years old.

“They are doing some tests right now (last night) because besides everything else, he has high blood pressure. One moment she is very animated, another very depressed and does not know what to do. She is confident that she could improve, but it is a very long process. What is urgent, the internist told us, is that the umbilical hernia be operated on because it could explode and that would be fatal. She is stable, out of danger, but we do have a few days left here because they will do several studies and see when they operate on her, ”Elías specified.

Cañete, who in October presented the musical theatrical magazine Risas y Songs, spent Christmas Eve together with the comedian and recounted the event.

“As we are family, we saw each other on Friday (December 24) and we spent it with her. It was Angelita, the lady who cleaned the house for him. Since he likes his tamales very much, he made the tamales for him and cooked them for him. We had a delicious dinner. She stayed (with Lucila) and at 11 am on Saturday she called me and said: ‘Come over here, the lady fell.’ I got away like that, and when I got to a doctor who lives nearby, she checked her and he told her not to move because she could have a fractured hip. The ambulance wanted to take it to the government hospital, but we brought it here because it is the one that covers the insurance ”, he explained.

Before the diagnosis foreseen for the operation, Elías Cañete affirmed that Lucila Mariscal has the insurance that ANDA provides for its members, but that he will ask for help through donors or the Teletón Foundation to see if they can get the prosthesis, which has a cost of around 70 thousand pesos.

“(Lucila) is very scared because she doesn’t know what it’s going to end up with. First, she has to operate on the umbilical hernia and then put the prosthesis on her hip. His recovery from the first operation would be three months, and from the second, another three months ”.

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