Ludwika Paleta joins the TitanicChallenge and goes viral

Through social networks, Ludwika Palette became a trend, because in addition to being one of the most beloved and talented actresses in the country, she joined the TitanicChallengethe viral Instagram challenge that has caused a lot of surprise among many users who see the way to take the drink as strange.

The Polish woman shared a video on her Instagram profile, in which she shows the balance she enjoys, but also a new way of drinking. The dynamic is one of those that are in trend.

Previously, Dominika and Ludwika caused a furor by posing together and although this time they did not share a camera, the actress made everyone fall in love with the challenge that she could not overcome.

Ludwika Paleta becomes a trend

The actress became a trend in social networks The sisters are important members of Mexican television

In the video you can see the famous 43-year-old actress sitting in the garden with a friend who positioned herself in front of her. The two appear with their arms to remember one of the most romantic scenes of Titanic.

As the video progresses, the presenter also stands back as does her companion, who has the glass in her mouth. The goal is to get down so the other person behind you can grab.

So far, the video on Ludwika’s Instagram profile has more than 62,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who claim to have laughed a lot, according to what was told. AmericanPost.News.

What are Ludwika Paleta and Diminika Paleta?

The sisters are important members of Mexican television

They are sisters and daughters of violinist Zbigniew Paleta. Her mother is the art teacher Bárbara Paciorek Paleta. They are one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the country, as they have starred in different soap operas.

At the beginning of this year, a photo of Ludwika Paleta with three children came out and sparked a furor on the internet, since the beauty of her little ones has always been highlighted.

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