Luis Alfonso Partida “El Yaki” responds if he had an affair with Eduin Caz’s wife

Mexico.- At the end of 2021, it came to light that the singer Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme, had been unfaithful to his wife Anahy, moment in which another rumor began to circulate about their relationship, in which they claimed that not only he had been unfaithful, but his wife as well and with nothing more and nothing less than Luis Alfonso Partida, known as “El Yaki“.

After that controversy that turned social networks around, finally El Yaki talks about it. Through a live video on his social media account, the singer, former Recodo vocalist, was honest and answered all those people who were talking about the subject.

Fed up with the situation, Luis Alfonso Partida was honest and, visibly upset, he flatly denied having had anything to do with his compadre’s wife, a couple whom he considered as “his brothers”. In the same way, he said he was disappointed, not only by the rumors, but also by his fans, who have fueled the gossip.

“I’m sick of that lack of respect,” he said. Likewise, he questioned all those people who have assured that he had an extramarital relationship with the wife of one of his closest friends, labeling the idea of a relationship with Anahi “so much stupidity”.

El Yaki also shared that he spoke with his compadre, the singer Eduin Caz, and there was no problem between the two, contrary to what was believed after the rumors began to go around the Internet. During the video he explained that, fortunately, he has a girlfriend and has never lacked love.

As he explained, they are delicate comments for Mazatlecos, since in their culture they have a very special education regarding the women of their friends, in a nutshell, he assured that the partners of his friends are untouchable.

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