Luis de Alba assures that thanks to him the word “naco” became popular in Mexico

Louis of Alba gave a recent interview to The Golden Scorpion for your channel Youtube, in which he spoke in detail about his successful artistic career. However, the detail that caught our attention was that the comedian claimed to have invented the word “naco”same as became popular in Mexico thanks to his character”The Piruri”.

When questioned about the origin of the word, the veteran actor mentioned that it all came about during a drunken spree and that he used it for make fun of class people. However, he never imagined that became such a popular word among the Mexican public.

“The classists fell in love with me. I from Lagunillero, Tepiteño and Garibaldeño, well, you know, with the brave troops. So, I started to make a parody of that type of waves and that’s how I put it. They used the word chundo to talk about what a naco is, but they were classist,” he declared. Louis of Alba.

On the other hand, the veteran comedian assured that It was thanks to that word that “El Pirruris” was bornone of the most emblematic characters of his artistic career, who today could be a victim of the cancellation culture that plagues social networks.

This is how the character of “El Pirruris” arose

One of the most emblematic characters of the comedian is Today, the veteran actor is an icon of Mexican comedy.

Similarly, Luis de Alba recounted that “El Pirruris” is inspired by his experience as a student at the Universidad Iberoamericana. Likewise, he thanked Eduardo Manzano for giving him the freedom to present a character on his program that parodyes the good-natured prince, who soon became the public’s favorite.

Finally, the 77-year-old comedian said that Televisa intended to keep the rights to their characters. However, he presumed that he had been informed on the subject and prevented the San Ángel television station from keeping his work, which today generates large profits thanks to broadcasts and interpreter rights.

Listen to the comedian’s statements from minute 17:50.

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What has become of Luis de Alba?

Today, the veteran actor is an icon of Mexican comedy.

Luis de Alba had health problems at the end of 2021, which caused him to have to temporarily retire. Fortunately, he managed to fully recover and continues with his work in the world of entertainmentin addition to continuing to enjoy the royalties derived from his successful artistic career on television.

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