Luis “El Potro” Caballero arrives at The House of Celebrities 2

Telemundo confirmed the suspicions of Acapulco Shore fans by revealing that Luis “El Potro” Caballero will be part of the second season of The House of the Famousthe most successful and controversial reality show on Hispanic television in the United States.

Although he has participated in several TV shows, the influencer and singer assures that this is the first time that he will isolate himself completelywhich makes him quite nervous. However, he makes it clear that he does not rule out the idea of ​​falling in love and promises to sweep the competition in order to win the long-awaited prize of 200 thousand dollars.

The former member of Acapulco Shore will come to give a spicy touch to Telemundo’s reality show. The influencer rose to fame thanks to his participation in Acapulco Shore.

  • “I have never been isolated, locked up in a house with so many people, with so many different personalities; It makes me nervous, anxious and happy at the same time, it’s something new for me… Hold on, ‘El Potro’ came out of control”, declared the also dancer and model in an exclusive interview for the program Al Rojo Vivo on Telemundo.

The House of Famous 2 arrives in May

the premiere of the new season of The House of the Famous will take place next tuesday may 10 and will have as drivers Hector Sandarti and Jimena Gallegowho will seek to repeat the chemistry that they transmitted during the first installment of the show.

The other participants remain a mystery, because just yesterday it was confirmed that Niurka Marcos was the first member. However, there are strong rumors that Mayeli Alonso, Yuri, Ivonne Montero, Lorena Herrera and Brenda Zambrano have also been considered by the television station for this new installment.

Who is Luis “El Potro” Caballero?

The influencer rose to fame thanks to his participation in Acapulco Shore.

Luis “El Potro” Caballero have 29 years old Y became famous as part of Acapulco Shore, the controversial reality show on MTV Latin America, during the first seven seasons. Now and after being eliminated along with Estefanía Ahumada from Inseparables, the influencer looking to win The House of Famous 2.

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