Luis Enrique responds to Sylvia Pasquel, for the documentary by Silvia Pinal

Luis Enrique responds to the remarks of Sylvia Pasquelabout the documentary Silvia Pinalafter the daughter of the actress will assure that she was out and that she will be disconcerted by assuring that she was not part of the project’s creative team.

Given these remarks, Luis Enrique, who is in charge of the project, responded to the statements given by Silvia Pasquel.

On AmericanPost.News We recently told you that Sylvia Pasquel is left out of the documentary about Silvia Pinal and stated that the reason is that there are differences between her brothers.

Daughters and sons of Silvia Pinal

Children of Silvia Pinal face each other for the documentary of the actress Luis Enrique Guzmán and Alejandra Guzmán will be the producers of the documentary of Silvia Pinal

Luis Enrique, through an interview for the TV Azteca program “Ventaneando” denied Silvia Pasquel’s statements and assured that the eldest daughter has been taken into account in the decisions of the next documentary of the first actress.

“No, yesterday I spoke with Sylvia, we are in a super good plan,” said Luis Enrique, visibly upset.

It should be noted that it has been rumored on several occasions that Sylvia Pasquel does not have a good relationship with her brothers Luis Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán.

Documentary by Silvia Pinal

Luis Enrique Guzmán and Alejandra Guzmán will be the producers of the Silvia Pinal documentary

Luis Enrique announced that the producers of the Silvia Pinal documentary will be him and Alejandra Guzmán, however, he stated that the singer has a lot of work, so she is getting involved in what she can.

Let us remember that the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán is working on her next tour together with Paulina Rubio, who a few years ago was one of her main rivals.

In the same way, it will be Televisa, who provides all the material to carry out the documentary film from Silvia Pinal and although they have declared that there is still a long way to go before its premiere, they are already working on the project.

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