Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas enjoy a family getaway in La Zagaleta, Spain, while Michelle Salas announces engagement

Discover how Luis Miguel's life takes a positive turn as he embraces love, fatherhood, and career revival alongside Paloma Cuevas and her children.

Michelle Salas is not the only one who is living a romantic moment after announcing her engagement to Danilo Diaz, as her father, Luis Miguel, is also enjoying his family life with Paloma Cuevas and the Spanish designer’s daughters , as he recently went for a walk with the girls and the socialite. El Sol de Mexico” is very much in love with his girlfriend, and this is confirmed by people close to the artist, who assure that everything is going well in the relationship.

Tv Notas magazine interviewed one of his friends after images were released of the “La Incondicional” singer taking a helicopter from Madrid to La Zagaleta, in Malaga, Spain, to go on his first family vacation with the daughters of his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas, who are the product of the relationship he had with Enrique Ponce, a former friend of the singer.

Luis Miguel already lives with Paloma Cuevas' daughters Photo: Especial
Luis Miguel already lives with Paloma Cuevas’ daughters Photo: Special.

The alleged friend of the artist indicated that he sees“Luismi” very well. He is much more sociable and is resuming his career since, in August, he starts his tour in Argentina. After that, he will visit different cities in Latin America, the United States, and Mexico. “He seems different; he, who was always so secretive about being seen, now doesn’t mind being caught with his girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas,” said the source close to the singer, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Luis Miguel travels with Paloma Cuevas’ daughters.

After Luis Miguel was captured traveling in a van with Cuevas’ daughters, Paloma and Bianca, to go to La Zagaleta, where he has a luxurious house, the entertainment magazine asked about the relationship between the singer of “Hasta Que Me Olvides” and the 15 and 11-year-old girls. The informant pointed out that, in the beginning, the Spanish designer was not worried about the coexistence of her partner and the children because she did not know the destiny of their romance. Now that everything is stable, they already spend time together.

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He adores Paloma’s daughters, and he loves them very much. He is very paternal and loves the dynamic of living together as a family. It is also a way to show Paloma that things are very serious,” said Luis Miguel’s friend, who acknowledged that this attitude had generated criticism. After all, while he is very close to his girlfriend’s young girls, with his sons Miguel and Daniel, the product of his relationship with Aracely Arámbula, things are very different because he has not seen them.

Photo: Tv Notas
Photo: Tv Notas

“Candil de la calle, y oscuridad de su casa, porque además ha tenido problemas con Aracely por el pago de la pensión alimony. A few months ago, her lawyer declared that he owed two years (…)I can confirm that their lawyers are already in talks to settle all the arrears; however, he still hasn’t seen them“, said the informant, who revealed that there was a reconciliation with Michelle Salas, thanks to the intervention of Paloma Cuevas.

“She would like Luis Miguel to have that approach, and with the changes he has been experiencing so positively, she does not doubt that soon he will take this step, and in a moment, he will approach them. I know she has intervened with Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter (…) Paloma is a great friend of the most exclusive designers in Spain, and I know she has helped Michelle to get better job opportunities”, said the artist’s friend, who assured that they met in New York.

Paloma Cuevas would have intervened in the reconciliation of Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas Photo: Especial
Paloma Cuevas would have intervened in reconciling Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas Photo: Special.