Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas’ private paradise: a $10 million mansion in Marbella

Luis Miguel takes a fresh start with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas in a private and secure Mediterranean mansion in La Zalageta, Marbella, Spain.
  1. Luis Miguel, one of Mexico’s most popular singers, has taken on a new lease of life since his return to the public eye.
  2. He has been romantically linked to Spanish designer Paloma Cuevas since last year, and the couple has recently been spotted in New York.
  3. Luis Miguel has been visiting properties in Spain, including a 10 million dollar Mediterranean mansion in Marbella, intending to have a place to settle in the Iberian country and be closer to his girlfriend.

Luis Miguel, one of Mexico’s most popular and recognized singers, has taken on a new lease of life. Since his return to the public eye with his eponymous series on a streaming service, the 52-year-old singer seems to be in a new form. After announcing a series of concerts for 2023, the interpreter of La Bikina also gave his heart a new chance with the Spanish Paloma Cuevas.

During the week, it was learned that Luis Miguel had been visiting different properties in Spain to have a place to settle in the Iberian country, leaving his residence in Miami, Florida, in the United States and thus being able to spend time with his girlfriend, designer Paloma Cuevas, with whom he has been romantically linked since last year.

The couple is no longer hiding their romance, as they were recently spotted in New York when Luis Miguel accompanied Cuevas to the New York Fashion Week, and it was in the Big Apple where El Sol de Mexico was seen in excellent shape in preparation for the concerts he will offer in 2023.

Luis Miguel was recently involved in rumors that his ex-partner, actress Aracely Arámbula, had sued him, but Arámbula’s legal representative denied these rumors.

(Screenshot/Instagram @maxwoodside)
(Screenshot/Instagram @maxwoodside)

Where the lovers live

According to information from close friends, Luis Miguel had visited properties in a housing complex called Las Encinas, where 20 years ago, David Beckham and Posh Spice settled when Real Madrid signed the soccer player and where socialites and figures of the Spanish and European show business have put down roots.

A quality that Micky would have found in the place is the privacy and security of the same since it is said to have a closed circuit 24 hours a day and security at all entrances to the complex, on the other hand it is located 20 minutes from the residence currently occupied by Paloma Cuevas, so the immediacy to be with his partner is a decisive factor for Luis Miguel.

However, other properties were spotted by the singer. According to paparazzi Jordi Martin, it seems that it is a property located in La Zalageta, in Marbella, which the couple has chosen to start life together.

Martin assured that the property has an estimated cost of 10 million dollars (196 thousand 818 million pesos at the current exchange rate), has a heliport and helicopter for the use of residents, addition to the construction chosen by the Sun of Mexico would have a Mediterranean style, seven bedrooms, wine cellar and bathrooms with marble finishes.

Paloma Cuevas, the woman who conquered El Sol

(Photo: Instagram/@palomacuevasofficial)
(Photo: Instagram/@palomacuevasofficial)

The 49-year-old Spaniard comes from a famous family of bullfighting tradition, her father, Victoriano Valencia, was a bullfighter, and her mother, Paloma Diaz, was a dancer. She is the eldest of three children and studied Business Administration in Boston. In 1996 she married Enrique Ponce, a bullfighter, a union that produced two daughters in 2008 and 2012. In 2020 the couple announced their separation to finalize the divorce a year later.

But the courtship with Luis Miguel does not come as much of a surprise since Cuevas. Luis and Miguel were childhood friends since their fathers, Victoriano and Luis Rey, were close friends. The children were also close friends that remained throughout the years since Paloma and her ex-husband, Enrique Ponce, are godparents of Miguel, the first son of Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel. In addition, El Sol spent long periods at the family estate that Paloma Cuevas and the novillero acquired shortly after their marriage, a place called Finca Cetrina.

Although the couple has not made any official announcement to the media, on several occasions, they have been captured in romantic attitudes that make it clear that El Sol de México has found love again.

Luis Miguel’s latest relationships

Not long ago, Mercedes Villador, a 43-year-old model and nutritionist from Argentina, was considered Luis Miguel’s girlfriend. The couple has been in a relationship for over a year, according to Lucia Miranda, the widow of the singer’s former manager. Villador is a Contempo Talent modeling group member and has been featured in various fashion and lifestyle magazines. She lived with Luis Miguel in Miami. From the beginning of his relationship with Villador, Luis Miguel has transformed, appearing younger and having lost weight, leading some to speculate that Villador played a role in helping him improve his habits.

Before Villador, Luis Miguel was in a three-year relationship with Mollie Gould. Lucía Miranda is close to Luis Miguel, as she was the wife of the singer’s manager, Hugo López, who accompanied him in his career until 1993, when he passed away.