Luis Miguel confirms 44 concerts tour in 2023 in 4 countries: Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and the US

Celebrating his 53rd birthday, El Sol unveils his 2023 tour, performing in 11 cities across Mexico from November to December after a 5-year hiatus.

As part of his 53rd birthday, Luis Miguel confirmed the dates for the concert tour of his Tour 2023; to the joy of fans in Mexico, he will be in 11 cities between November and December 2023.

It should be noted that since 2018, Luis Miguel has not performed in concert. The last time he was on stage was with his not-so-lucky tour ‘Mexico Por Siempre.’

And now, Luis Miguel has released the dates and cities where his Tour 2023 will arrive; in CDMX, he will be on November 21, 22, and 24, but he will also perform in:

  • Monterrey: November 15
  • CDMX: November 21, 22 and 24
  • Querétaro: November 30
  • Aguascalientes: December 2
  • San Luis Potosi: December 4
  • Leon: December 6
  • Puebla: December 8
  • Oaxaca: December 10
  • Veracruz: December 12
  • Morelia: December 15
  • Guadalajara: December 17

His tour will start in South America, with three performances expected in Argentina, Buenos Aires on August 3, 4, and 6, then Santiago de Chile on August 21, 22, and 25.

The series of 2023 Luis Miguel concerts in the United States will cover 22 cities in 12 US States, from September 25 in Las Vegas to November 5 in Austin, Texas.

Luis Miguel Tour 2023 will continue on Mexican Soil with 13 concerts in 11 cities, starting in Monterrey on November 15 and ending in Guadalajara on December 17.

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Luis Miguel announced the dates of his 2023 Tour (Special)

Luis Miguel announces on his birthday a concert tour in 13 Mexican cities

Since last February 14, Luis Miguel began to excite all his followers on his Instagram account about his Tour 2023.

And today, Wednesday, April 19, the cities that Luis Miguel will visit were more than confirmed, starting in August in Buenos Aires and closing until December in Guadalajara.

April 19 is a special date because of the announcement of his live performances in Mexico, the United States, and Latin America and because it is “El Sol’s” 53rd birthday.

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Many fans on social networks were happy about the announcement of Luis Miguel’s Tour 2023 and immediately expressed their support to attend his performances.

They even took the liberty of asking Luis Miguel not to forget to sing his hits at each of his concerts:

  • Ahora Te Puedes Marchar
  • Culpable O No
  • La Incondicional
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Luis Miguel announces new concert tour for this 2023 (@lmxlm / Instagram)

Price of tickets for Luis Miguel’s concerts in Mexico

There is no official price for tickets to see Luis Miguel in concert, who will visit 13 cities in Mexico.

So we will have to wait for the next few days to know all the details about the pre-sale and schedules, which we bet will be crowded.

In any case, we will inform you of any updates so you will know the cost and date to purchase your tickets to see him.

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Luis Miguel, singer (Agencia México)

Another detail to highlight is that it is unknown which venues will be chosen where Luis Miguel will perform.

For example, in the CDMX, where El Sol always performs is the Auditorio Nacional, a venue where he has a record of 226 concerts from 1991 to 2018.

For this reason, everything points to it being there; although it is also rumored that the Arena Ciudad de México will host him.