Luis Miguel demands vanilla-scented candles and specific water brands during concerts

Luis Miguel returns to stage in 2023, announces extensive tour dates, and reveals unique backstage preferences during performances.

Luis Miguel’s anticipated return to the stage in 2023 has been met with fervent enthusiasm from his fans, having been absent from the limelight for some time. The fervor is only heightened by the artist’s announcement to embark on an expansive tour across cities in Mexico, the United States, and Latin America.

The initial performances are set for Las Vegas, Nevada, where he will grace the stage for three successive days in September. Subsequent stops will include Californian cities such as Anaheim, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Ontario.

Luis Miguel’s demands during his tour


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One intriguing aspect of his tour has been the specific requirements Luis Miguel has outlined for his dressing room and performance venue. As uncovered by the Argentine show “Poco Correctos”, these demands include draping fabrics on the walls to cultivate a warm ambiance and avert any feelings of confinement.

The singer’s meticulousness further extends to requesting white roses, long-stemmed and devoid of thorns, underscoring his pursuit of harmony within his immediate environment.

A standout feature among Luis Miguel’s demands is the inclusion of vanilla candles in his dressing room. As per the insights from the show’s hosts, these candles emanate a distinctive fragrance that has a calming effect on him, ensuring he remains centered and grounded prior to his live performances.

Luis Miguel’s favorite water

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel

Furthermore, the “Sol de Mexico” has demonstrated his penchant for a particular brand of water — Fiji. Such an inclination mirrors his meticulous nature and his drive to perfect every detail surrounding his performances. He went to significant lengths to ensure that this water brand was available during his hotel stay.

Regarding the specifics of his tour, after his stint in California, Luis Miguel will journey to numerous U.S. cities. These include Phoenix, Palm Springs, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Miami, Tampa, Boston, Washington DC, and more. The tour will culminate with performances in cities within Texas and Oklahoma, wrapping up in Austin on November 5.

The palpable excitement surrounding Luis Miguel’s comeback has been a testament to his enduring appeal among his fans. The prospect of witnessing his live performances has been a source of immense happiness for countless admirers.