Luis Miguel opens 51 new dates, extending his tour throughout 2024 – here are the dates and locations

Luis Miguel announces 51 tour dates, excludes Mexico; celebrates 54th birthday in Las Vegas; breaks ties with Ticketmaster.
  1. Luis Miguel reveals an extensive 51-date tour, notably excluding Mexico after initially offering seven shows in Arena CDMX.
  2. On his 54th birthday, he’s set to dazzle fans in Las Vegas, a city he holds dear, though the venue remains undisclosed.
  3. Diverging from past practices, Miguel ends his partnership with Ticketmaster, opting for Santander, altering the ticket purchase procedure for his fervent followers.

Do you want to see Luis Miguel renewed? ‘El Sol’ opened 51 new dates for his tour, but unfortunately, he forgot Mexico. Previously, after achieving sold out, Luis Miguel surprised his fans by opening a seventh date. The 53-year-old singer will perform at Arena CDMX for a full week.

However, his announcement a few minutes ago left Mexico aside, as he added 26 more dates in other Latin American countries and the United States.

Luis Miguel opens 51 new dates, but Mexico no longer included

Only three concerts into his tour, and Luis Miguel has already announced 26 new dates. However, he has left Mexico in oblivion since he gave 7 shows at the Arena CDMX.

These are the new 2024 dates that ‘El Sol’ added to his tour:

  1. January 20 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  2. January 23 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  3. January 27 in CD. Guatemala, Guatemala
  4. January 30 in San Salvador, El Salvador
  5. February 2 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  6. February 5 in Managua, Nicaragua
  7. February 8 in San José, Costa Rica
  8. February 12 in Caracas, Venezuela
  9. February 15 in Medellín, Colombia
  10. February 17 in Bogota, Colombia
  11. February 21 in Quito, Ecuador
  12. February 24 in Lima, Peru
  13. March 2 in Santiago, Chile
  14. March 8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. March 14 in Córdoba, Argentina
  16. March 16 in Montevideo, Uruguay
  17. March 20 in Asuncion, Paraguay
  18. March 23 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  19. March 28 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  20. April 4 in Seattle, Washington
  21. April 5 in Portland, Orlando
  22. April 7 in Sacramento, California
  23. April 11 in San Francisco, California
  24. April 13 in Fresno, California
  25. April 14 in San Jose, California
  26. April 17 in Los Angeles, California
  27. April 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  28. April 20 in Glendale, Arizona
  29. April 25 in Palm Desert, California
  30. April 26 in Ontario, California
  31. April 28 in Salt Lake City, Utah
  32. May 2 in El Paso, Texas
  33. May 4 in Laredo, Texas
  34. May 5 in Austin, Texas
  35. May 8 in Dallas, Texas
  36. May 10 in Hidalgo, Texas
  37. May 11 in San Antonio, Texas
  38. May 15 in Houston, Texas
  39. May 18 in Atlanta, Georgia
  40. May 23 in Toronto, Canada
  41. May 24 in Montreal, Canada
  42. May 26 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  43. May 30 in Chicago, Illinois
  44. June 1 in Brooklyn, New York
  45. June 2 in Uncasville, Connecticut
  46. June 5 in Orlando, Florida
  47. June 6 in Sunrise, Florida
  48. June 8 in Miami, Florida
  49. June 12 in New Orleans, Florida
  50. June 14 in Nashville, Tennessee
  51. June 16th in Greensboro, North Carolina
Luis Miguel opens 26 new concert dates, but he left Mexico in oblivion (@luismiguel)
Luis Miguel opens 26 new concert dates, but he left Mexico in oblivion (@luismiguel)

Luis Miguel will give a concert on his birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Luis Miguel announced 51 new concert dates and proved that he is so devoted to his audience that he will spend his birthday giving a show. Among the new dates for Luis Miguel’s tour, which will almost last a year, a concert was added for April 19, the singer’s 54th birthday.

Luis Miguel will be performing in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the singer’s favorite places to visit. So far, it is unknown what stage Luis Miguel will perform on his birthday.

Luis Miguel will offer seven concerts at the Arena CDMX

Because tickets for Luis Miguel’s performances in Mexico have sold like hotcakes, the organizers decided to add a date to the announced six. So far, Luis Miguel has scheduled seven performances at the Arena CDMX, which are expected on the following dates:

  • November 20
  • November 21st
  • November 22nd
  • November 24th
  • November 25th
  • November 27th
  • November 28th
Luis Miguel opens the seventh date at Arena CDMX (Luis Miguel / Instagram)
Luis Miguel opens the seventh date at Arena CDMX (Luis Miguel / Instagram)

Where and how to buy tickets for Luis Miguel’s concerts in Mexico?

Luis Miguel‘s concert is one of the most anticipated, so his fans were surprised to learn that ticket sales were not made through Ticketmaster this time.

Luis Miguel broke off his relationship with Ticketmaster, OCESA, and Citibanamex and partnered with Santander. To purchase concert tickets, please visit the singer’s official website.

Also interesting:

When does the general sale of tickets for Luis Miguel’s seventh concert in CDMX begin?

So far, Luis Miguel‘s announcement does not mention when the pre-sale and general sale of tickets for the seventh presentation of ‘El Sol’ in Arena Ciudad de Mexico will occur.

It is also not mentioned if the tickets will be offered exclusively by Santander, the bank he has partnered with.

How much will tickets for Luis Miguel’s seventh concert at Arena CDMX cost?

Fans of Luis Miguel are already assuming that the cost of the tickets for Luis Miguel’s seventh concert will be the same as the ones that have been announced. These are:

  • VIP – 8,670 pesos
  • Red – 6,840 pesos
  • Pepsi Zone – 5,620 pesos
  • Yellow – 5,620 pesos
  • Green – 4,705 pesos
  • Light Blue – 3,660 pesos
  • Platinum Super Box – 3 thousand 660 pesos
  • Super Palco Oro (limited view) – 3,660 pesos
  • Aqua – 2,342 pesos
  • Pink – 1,715 pesos
  • Pink (limited view) – One thousand 715 pesos
  • Brown – One thousand 213 pesos
  • Gray – 836 pesos
  • Gray (limited view) – 836 pesos
Luis Miguel (Mexico Agency)
Luis Miguel (Mexico Agency)

It is worth mentioning that the Luis Miguel Tour 2023 will begin on August 3 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will end on December 17 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

If we talk only about Mexico, Luis Miguel will perform in the following states of the republic:

  • Monterrey
  • Mexico City
  • Querétaro
  • Aguascalientes
  • San Luis Potosi
  • Leon
  • Puebla
  • Oaxaca
  • Veracruz
  • Morelia
  • Guadalajara
Luis Miguel announced the dates of his Tour 2023 (Special)
Luis Miguel announced the dates of his Tour 2023 (Special)

What was Luis Miguel’s last concert?

In November 2018, Luis Miguel offered his last concert at the Auditorio Nacional, which was part of his “Mexico Forever” tour and left a bad taste in his fans’ mouths.

This is because Luis Miguel’s concerts presented technical failures and a series of delays that annoyed the public.

Among the most commented annoyances were Luis Miguel’s delays, his constant and prolonged pauses, and it was even said that during one show, he was drunk.