Luis Miguel walks without security and they capture him very happy and relaxed

Mexico. the mexican singer Luis Miguel was captured happy, relaxed and it is particularly striking that he does not have his security team with him.

The images of Luis Miguel in which it is appreciated alone and enjoying they are shared on Twitter and excite their fans, since they rarely see it that way and they have been able to love it.

Luis Miguel, singer of musical successes such as Mentiras and Isabel was recorded in a shopping center without realizing it, and after uploading the images to social networks, they go viral.

Luis Miguel, 52 years old, he is always accustomed to being accompanied by several men as part of his security, and it has done so for many years, but according to some media, lately it no longer does it that way.

International media highlight that Luis Miguel arrived at a public place in Miami, Florida, USA, wearing a relaxed look, smiling and behaving like a “normal” person, something he did not do before, since “his bodyguards” always surrounded him to take care of him. at every step he took.

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They also say that Luis Miguel entered a shopping center and went to the perfume area, where he tried several fragrances and was very nice, and also another detail that draws attention at that moment is that no one would have recognized him, since that no one came to take pictures with him.

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