Luis Miguel’s 2023 Mexico tour: dates, venues, and ticket prices revealed

Get ready for the ultimate experience with Luis Miguel's 2023 tour in Mexico and Latin America! Discover the dates, venues, and ticket prices now and learn about the extravagant demands of his private concerts.

Luis Miguel’s 2023 tour is among the most anticipated in Mexico and Latin America, although he has not given more information on the subject.

In an exclusive interview on Maxine Woodside’s show, they revealed more details about his presentations in Mexico, which are believed to begin in September.

In American Post News, we share all the details of El Sol’s tour with you.

More details about Luis Miguel’s tour in Mexico are revealed.

Luis Miguel: Anuncian fechas y lugares de su gira en México
Luis Miguel in concert.

Luis Miguel announced through his social networks that he would have a musical tour through several places in Latin America and Spain, which was threatened by the alleged lawsuit against him.

However, he has not given many details about it, and his fans want to know the dates, venues, and ticket prices.

On Maxine Woodside’s show, several details about the concerts were released, which is a complete picture of the prices and dates.

“He starts his tour in September and at the national auditorium. That was very logical,” said the host of the program.

Before the news, the subject was raised that the singer has a lawsuit for 5 million dollars in this place. Therefore, it is believed that he has already paid it off.

Later it was commented that 25 dates are planned for this forum, but more will be added as dates are sold out.

“It is expected to have up to 50 dates in Mexico and in different places,” they said.

On September 15, the singer will have a special concert to celebrate Mexico’s independence, when in other years, he would go to Las Vegas.

It was also announced that this Sunday, he will perform in a private event where he will sing his best songs, a show for hoteliers in Acapulco.

How much does Luis Miguel charge for a private event?

Luis Miguel: Anuncian fechas y lugares de su gira en México
Luis Miguel charges more than 10 million pesos

In the same Maxine Woodside show, they discussed the costs of hiring El Sol to sing in a private event, like the one he will have on Sunday.

According to her information, he is asking for more than 10 million pesos (more than 500,000 USD) per concert, plus certain specifications to be met, such as white towels, freshly painted walls in dressing rooms, and 200 bottles of water exported from another country, among other whims of the artist.

Luis Miguel is expected to bring Paloma Cuevas to his concerts in Mexico.