Luis Miguel’s daughter, Michelle Salas, shows off her best photos with tiny bikinis and compliments rain down on her

Michelle Salas, the beautiful daughter of Luis Miguel continues to draw sighs within social networks by sharing images in which she shows off her unparalleled beauty, elegance and charisma, qualities that she boasted in a series of photographs in which modeled tiny bikinis.

With a series of heated postcards published through her official Instagram account, the model and businesswoman showed off her statuesque silhouette under the sun’s rays.

And it is that, now that summer is very close, Silvia Pinal’s great-granddaughter decided to share her best photos in which she appears posing with tiny bikinis from different natural settings.

Summer about to start. What is your favorite swimsuit?“, wrote the model at the bottom of the publication.

The swimsuit parade caught the attention of thousands of admirers who quickly joined the debate to defend their choice, because without a doubt there was no one to go to, because in each one of them she dazzled with the beauty and elegance that characterize her.

To begin with, the daughter of Stephanie Salas shared the postcard in which, wearing a tiny red bikini He leaves the sea to get on his luxurious yacht in the middle of the sea. Immediately she showed off from the beach with a high-waisted one-piece swimsuit with which she posed in profile, revealing her curves.

Posing with black, red, orange, blue and white bikinis, it was how Michelle Salas also exposed her silhouette under the sun’s rays, confirming that the time of year that is about to arrive is one of her favorites.

The seductive publication that exposed the stylized silhouette of Luis Miguel’s daughter before the eyes of 1.8 million followers, received more than 43 thousand red hearts as a sign of approval, in addition to hundreds of flattering messages in which they showed that it is in his best moment.

“You are spectacular as always”, “They all look beautiful on you“”, “But what a beautiful woman”, “The last one for your smile”, “Everyone looks great on you, the color blue looks beautiful on you“, “How sexy”, were just some messages he received from his fans.