Luisito Comunica appears on the cover of Playboy Africa magazine; receives criticism

The youtuber Luisito Communicates He posed for the January edition of Playboy magazine Africa, where he also appears with a marijuana cigarette.

The famous shared the news and several images of the publication through his social networks.

“This month, listen well, i’m the cover of playboy, as well as they hear it, Luisito Communicates cover of Playboy. That is something very cool, I have been a Playboy fan since I was a child and on top of that, things get cooler when you know the fact that there are very few men who have been the cover of Playboy in history. And even more unexpected is that it is Playboy Africa, don’t ask me how that happened, the truth is that I don’t even know.

“It is simply that I met some people who liked the work I was doing in Africa last year, where I documented various cultural things () such as that all that work caught their attention, one thing led to another and boom! Playboy Africa. The photos were super cool, I had never done something like this, the studio in which we work super pro. I uploaded a few (images) on my profile, ”said the businessman also in Instagram history.

The youtuber’s images have almost a million and a half likes on his IG account, however, there are also criticisms among the reactions.

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Dreaming of being a pimp? Are you proud? At least alone, not that they put the girl as an ornament“,” And what do we think about childhood and the consumption of pornography? ” Y “Is smoking weed and promoting porn cool?”Reads a couple of comments.

In the Playboy magazine, founded in 1953 intended for adults, celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Brooke Shields, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Madonna have appeared.

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