Luisito Comunica boasted the “Jesus Shoes”, the tennis shoes that cost 100,000 pesos

Luisito Comunica shared how the controversial “Jesus Shoes” look closely (Photo: Instagram/@gallery.cdmx)

Luisito Communicates again caused a stir in social networks by showing the controversial Jesus tennis, which have an exorbitant price, have symbols on the crucifixion of Christ, holy water and it is believed that even, would be blessed by the pope.

Although the influencer Luisito Comunica on this occasion is only dedicating himself to sharing some of the most surprising things that he has found in his travels and in Mexico City, he once again went viral for having shown the calls Jesus Shoes, manufactured by an artist firm, but with the style of the brand Nike.

As usual youtuberThrough his TikTok account, he shared a video pointing out the characteristics of these sports shoes, which surprised Internet users. And is that these sneakers They bear his name because their design was intended to allude to Jesus with controversial characteristics.

Luisito Communicates with the Jesus Shoes
Although this video on TikTok has not been one of the most viral on the same platform, it was spread by other social networks, mainly Twitter (Photo: screenshot / TikTok)

As explained by the content creator, he found these tennis shoes in a store located in CDMX. These controversial sneakers have on the sole Water, meaning that with them you can walk on water, just as Jesus would have done according to the Bible.

This water contained in the shoes comes from Jordan river, same in which Jesus was baptized. As the theory has emerged among fanatics of the sneakers, this water would have been blessed by the Pope himself.

At the top, each shoe has a large, silver crucifix. On the sides they have the Bible verse Matthew 14:25, which corresponds to the moment when Jesus walked on top of the water towards his disciples.

Luisito Communicates with the Jesus Shoes
Since they went on sale, the “Jesus Shoes” have been criticized by religious for using images of the Catholic Church to sell (Photo: screenshot / TikTok)

Also above the laces they have a drawing of a Blood drop, which refers to the blood of Christ. On the back they have the inscription “INRI” What does it mean Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews by its acronym in Latin and that crucifixes always carry above the head of Jesus.

As Luisito pointed out, he didn’t buy these sneakers, but found them priced at USD 5 thousand, which is equivalent to 102,850 Mexican pesos.

The official site of the Jesus Shoes they point out that they were a product MSCHF, a collective of artists from the United States who are dedicated to making different works that have long attracted worldwide attention. The artists took the classic model Air Max 97 from Nike and made their modifications.

When these shoes went on sale they were priced at $ 3,000, but since they were a limited edition, they are currently only available for resale and at much higher prices.

The “Satan Shoes” took a lawsuit from Nike for profiting from the company’s image, giving them a bad image (Photo: MSCHF / Handout via REUTERS) (MSCHF /)

Besides Jesus Shoes, the Satan Shoes (Satan’s Tennis). It was this 2021 when the singer Lil Nas X inspired MSCHF to create a new pair of sneakers, now with the theme of Satan.

These shoes would be the opposite of those of Jesus, since these have a staff instead of a crucifix, it has the inscription of the Bible verse Luke 10:18, where it speaks of the appearance of Satan, were produced only 666 tennis shoes of this model and, most controversially, contain a drop of blood on the sole.

Due to its characteristics, Nike he had to go out to defend his image, ensuring he had no relationship with the artists who created them.


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