Luisito Comunica is branded as marijuana when he appears with Babo in a photo

Luisito Communicates He has become one of the most famous influences in Mexico, but also one of the most controversial, because in recent months his actions have not been fully approved by his fans.

Now again ‘Luisillo the rogue’ is once again in the eye of the hurricane after sharing a photograph with Babo, the leader of the Santa Cartel, because by his appearance the fans accused him of having consumed marijuana with the famous rapper, as he is known for his consumption of this substance.

Luisito Comunica was recently criticized for not wearing a mask in Mérida, and now he is branded as ‘marijuana’ for his photo, where he also appeared with another famous Mexican driver.

Luisito Comunica is branded as marijuana for a photo with Babo

The influencer appeared in the photo with very strange eyes There is no official confirmation that Luisito Comunica uses marijuana

During a private party attended by several celebrities, the influencer Luisito Comunica took a photo with Babo and Facundo, accompanied by one of the most famous phrases of the rapper’s songs, which apologizes to the marijuana.

In addition to this, in one of the photos, you can see the eyes of the influencer clearly irritated, for which many accused him of having smoked his ‘joints’, together with the singer and the driver, although this has not been confirmed, but taking taking into account the latest scandals of the youtuber, they do not rule out that he has consumed the herb.

Does Luisito Comunica use marijuana?

There is no official confirmation that Luisito Comunica uses marijuana

We inform you in The Truth News that in the month of May, Luisito Communicates He attended a march to legalize marijuana, and in one of his videos he was seen testing edible marijuana in desserts, which suggests that he did smoke with Babo, although he has not commented on it.

At the moment, the youtuber is focused on his new content and on his restaurants, which he recently opened and that could take advantage of his smoke to calm the munchies and not give him the pale, although this of course, if he confirms that he smoked marijuana with the rapper, which so far is just a theory of the influencer’s fans.

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