Lukaku apologized for saying he misses Inter Milan

The Chelsea attacker, Romelu lukaku He offered a public apology after ending up in a sea of ​​criticism for the statements where he affirms that misses and wants to return to Inter Milan.

Through a video posted on the club’s social networks, the Belgian player acknowledged that the claim was in error and regrets causing discomfort to fans.

“To the fans, I apologize for the upset I caused, you know the connection that I have with this club since I was youngSo you know that I fully understand that you guys got mad, ”he said.

It is valid to remember that for the same situation Chelsea sanctioned him with a game without activity this weekend, in the game against Liverpool.

“Obviously now I have to regain his confidence and I will do my best to achieve it every day in training and games, trying to make sure we win games, ”Lukaku assured.

Lukaku also stated on that occasion that he did not understand the tactical approach of Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, and that this situation caused him discomfort. “I also apologized to the coach and told my teammates and the board that it was not the right time either.. I want to go ahead with this and make sure that we start winning soccer games and that I perform for the team in the best way.

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