LukeLifeCharms’ take on Ciudad Victoria’s old-fashioned streets stirs debate on TikTok

American TikTok user's comparison of Mexican city life to other countries brings forth a wave of responses from the locals.

A recent social media post has stirred a debate among netizens after a self-proclaimed ‘gringo’ toured Tamaulipas, Mexico, and shared his observations on TikTok, leading to mixed reactions from Mexican nationals.

A Foreign Perspective on Tamaulipas

The TikTok user, who goes by the name LukeLifeCharms, was exploring the cultural landscapes of Mexico when he expressed his musings on the old-fashioned appearance of Ciudad Victoria. “I’m a gringo in Ciudad Victoria, and it’s an exciting place because it’s like the whole place is old,” he stated.

The traveler’s commentary did not stop at architecture. He extended his remarks to the overall ambiance of the country, pondering the presence of modern amenities like the internet.

“It’s a bit like Mexico (
) I think everything is like that, everything is old, old cars, I don’t know if there is internet. There is internet, but it depends on the day. This town is very interesting. I don’t know if it’s a town or a city. Because you have old things, and here you are already in the center,” he added.

gringo dice que mexico es viejo (Captura de pantalla/Tiktok)
Gringo says Mexico is old (Screenshot/Tiktok)

As LukeLifeCharms navigated through the streets, his TikTok video juxtaposed what he deemed ‘old’ against the ‘new,’ leading to another contentious statement. “The people here, the cars (drive) crazier than in Oaxaca, this is downtown, and it looks new, I don’t think I’m in Mexico. I think I’m in Guatemala because it’s different,” he remarked.

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Varied Reactions to the Travelogue

This traveler is no stranger to critique; his global travel chronicles frequently attract attention. During his stay, he tasted local tacos and expressed astonishment at finding familiar fast-food chains in a Tampico mall similar to those in the United States.

The responses to his observations were varied. While some criticized his viewpoints, others took a more welcoming approach, offering suggestions for his journey. Enthusiastic recommendations poured in, inviting the TikToker to experience more of Mexico’s rich culture.

“When you come, come to Guerrero. I have been in the United States for 17 years, but I have already returned to Mexico. “Good trip, how nice it is to hear people like you knowing and talking nice about our country.” “You have to go to Patzcuaro, Michoacan, to the Day of the Dead celebration,” was among the friendly advice he received.

The incident underscores the nuanced interaction between tourists and the locales they visit and how their shared experiences can evoke emotions from pride to anger.