Lula da Silva and “Janja” test positive for COVID-19 in Brazil

The former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva and his wife, Rosangela “Janja” da Silvatested positive for COVID-19 this Sunday afternoon, according to the campaign team of the former president, who is the favorite to win the elections next October in his country.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second time that da Silva has tested positive for coronavirus. In contrast, Rosangela had not suffered from this disease until now. It was reported that both are in good health and are under preventive medical observation.

As previously reported in AmericanPost.News, Lula da Silva and Janja got married on May 18, after several years of having a sentimental relationship. It transpired that this wedding was private, to prevent it from being used against the political aspirations of the former Brazilian president in the elections.

Lula da Silva suffers from asymptomatic COVID-19

Via social networks of Lula da Silva, it was specified that the health of the former president of Rio de Janeiro is stable and everything seems to indicate that he has an asymptomatic picture of COVID-19. As for Janja, they indicated that he does present symptoms of coronavirusbut that the inconvenience is slight.

As mentioned, this is the second time that Lula has tested positive for this disease, since the first time was during a trip to Cuba at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. It was also specified that this is the first time that his wife has this disease.

Lula da Silva was uncovered as a candidate for the presidency of his country just a month before marrying Rosangela, this, to prevent their nuptials from interrupting his campaign towards the elections.

Lula da Silva, the favorite in Brazil

Lula is the favorite to win the presidential elections

According to various specialists and political analysts, Lula da Silva is the favorite to win the presidential elections in Brazil, which will take place next October, so he would replace the current president Jair Bolsonaro.

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