Lula da Silva marries “Janja”, before the elections in Brazil

The former president of Brazil, Luiz inacio Lula da Silva married this Wednesday with his girlfriend Rosangela da Silva, also known as “Janja”, a left-wing feminist sociologist, who could become the first lady of Brazil if her now husband triumphs in the elections.

This is the third marriage of Lula da Silva, who at 76 has been widowed twice. His now wife is 55 years old, that is, 21 years younger than him, and she is a member of the Workers’ Party, which is leftist in Brazil.

as reported AmericanPost.NewsAt the beginning of May, Lula officially launched his candidacy to compete in the elections that will take place next October to remove the Brazilian presidency from the controversial Jair Bolsonaro.

How was the wedding of Lula da Silva and “Janja”?

Janja constantly expresses her love for Lula da Silva According to experts, preferences favor Lula da Silva

The couple asked their guests for maximum discretion, as a preventive measure in the face of the political times that are being experienced due to the proximity of the presidential elections. According to information revealed by CNN Brazil, the party should last about 9 hours, it will be set by a DJ and live music.

As for the menu, it is said that it is made up of “typical carioca flavors”. It is also mentioned that the bride’s dress was designed by the Brazilian stylist Helo Rocha and is made of organza and handmade embroidery.

Via your twitter accountJanja has shown the emotion he feels at the formalization of his union with the former Brazilian president, because in the last few hours he shared a photo of both and a video that Lula himself posted on this social network.

Lula da Silva is the favourite, according to analysts

According to experts, preferences favor Lula da Silva

According to the opinion of political experts, Lula da Silva has ample chances of being president of brazil again, since it is estimated that he would have 55% of the votes that would allow him to defeat his opponent, Jair Bolsonaro, in the October 2022 contest.

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