Mississippi man employed by LUMA Energy in Puerto Rico dies when he falls from a wall in La Perla, San Juan

The incident occurred this morning

An American native of Mississippi who was in Puerto Rico working for LUMA Energy tragically perished this morning when he fell into the void from the wall that overlooks Matadero street, in the La Perla neighborhood, in San Juan.

Another Puerto Rican journalist, Ricardo Eladio, shared the information on Twitter.

According to the local newspaper El Vocero, the Municipal Police agents went to the scene at 2:15 in the morning and found Warner Cody Brooks, 35, dying.

The paramedics helped him and gave him artificial resuscitation, transferring him to the Río Piedras Medical Center, where Dr. Roura was pronounced dead at around 3:30.

The authorities were taking steps to inform the relatives of Brooks, who was staying at a hotel in the County.